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  • oh well

    Walked in the woods this morning at breaking light loaded down with a blind, chairs, shotgun, decoys, calls, camo and ready to record it all w/ the handycam on a tripod. We went to the same woods that Huntman shot his bucks this past season. During deer season we had seen as many as 8 gobblers together - several times they were right under our climbers. So I really thought our odds were pretty good. We set out a hen decoy and called about every 30 - 40 minutes and never heard a turkey nor seen one. Huntman had all he could take so around 2pm we packed it all up and headed for the house. When we got home I told Huntman that we should walk to the bottom behind our house where we had a gobbler on cam last week. We got about half way down to the cam and Huntman saw the gobbler in the woods to our left about 70 yds. We dropped to the ground but I think he saw us about the same time we saw him. He wasn't struttin' and didn't 'run away'. Tried to call lightly to him but he wasn't interested and he just kept cruisin' on. About an hour later we set the blind up in the bottom hoping he'd come back that way. We stayed 'til almost dark but didn't ever see him again.
    I'm pretty confident when deer hunting but we've obviously gotta a lot to learn about hunting turkeys. lol
    Try again
    Aww Iv'e Been There Many Times lol. Sorry Your Son Didnt Get A Bird, But at Least Ya'll Saw One. I Love Turkey Hunting, But i Suck At It lol. I Can Get on The birds Everytime, But Cant seal The Deal. Last Year Opening Day Called 3 Long Beards Right off the Roost on the Archery Trac of Gameland But they Came In Way To Close Then out of The Blue, The Flew Away!! lol But I Never Gave up, saw more birds Though Out the season, but couldnt Close the deal This Year im hunting out of my Dog house Blind. I Went scouting last week and seen tons of tracks deer and Turkey. Hope You and your son go Again. Youth Season is a full week. Good Luck!!
    we will
    Thanx bud. We'll def give it another go. Unfortunately, w/ baseball youth week still means youth day for us. lol
    I told him heck we're already doing better than last year cuz last year we didn't even see a turkey.
    I must admit that I would really love to hear one thunder in the woods though. lol The one we saw today wasn't making any noise (at least not when we saw him).
    Hang in there
    Yeah...That's Turkey Hunting!!! I have found that I can't bank on hunting the Gobblers that I see during Deer Season come Spring...You seen the video I made where 3 longbeards were Gobbling on Oct 15!!! So the 1st of March I hung Camera hoping that 1 would stay around...NO such luck!!! Camera Hung a month and not 1 Turkey!!! crazy I know but they have prefered areas to spend different seasons I guess but Don't hang your head...I know you guys will get some!!! Like I told ya in text...try Mid-day after the hens go to nest but be set-up before you call because most times they get there in a Hurry and Don't always Gobble!!!..My Daughters Gobbler was sneaking into our set-up at Mid-day after I hadn't called for a hour and we were thinking about leaving and I'm positive that us rustling the leaves on the blind floor tricked her Gobbler into thinking our decoys were feeding and he got excited and gobbled 30 yards away!!! Had we been trying to sneak out we would have no doubt spooked him...Crazy how things work out at times...Stay after them!!!! I know it's Gonna happen for you Guys!!