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  • Headgear

    Just Wondering What do Ya'll Like Better, A Full Facemask Or War Paint For Turkey Hunting? I Wear A Facemask, I Got a new one coming from Bass pro The new UA Turkey Relvelution Mask, But i think i may try War Paint when the Heat turns On.
    I like the
    Full head spandex facemask from primos. The pattern isn't quite Mossy Oak or Real tree , but something in between.

    Bought the combo pack of gloves and facemask at my local outfitter for about $2.00 more than just the facemask alone.

    Gloves are also spandex.

    The material fits good, is thin enough to breath great, but no so thin anything shows through>

    The biggest benefit is that I have full prefreal vision.

    The eye opening is just big enough that you will still need a touch of facepaint or good glasses.
    @Scoutfish, Cool Deal I Really Like The Primos Strech Fit Gloves!! The Seems To Work Well!! The UA Heatgear Liner Gloves Are also A Great Choice!! Goodluck!!
    I also have a
    3/4 covereage mesh net that I use deer hunting, but I am confident the turkeys could see through it.

    Before I bought the spandex head mask, I bought a Primos 'Ninja Hood' .
    It's camo too, but a looser fit. It has an elstic band that goes around the back of your head to help hold it in place>

    I't better than nothing, but not by much. It has a string that goes between your eyes to keep the opening from sagging too much and your prefrial vison gets blocked too.

    Honestly, it fits like some kind of Jihad hood.

    Color is good, fit is not.
    Cover your Mug
    I actually carry the solid spandex Gloves and face-mask in Obsession Camo for when it's Cool outside and the Mesh Half mask and Gloves for when it gets warmer..The mask I like is nothing fancy but rather just a mask i slip up on my face as needed...I even cut the elastic off because there's enough in the band to serve the purpose...I have tried the face paint over the years and when you sweat it makes a mess on everything but come time to remove it, It's like Glue lol I was using the HS Strut brand...Others might be better?
    Yep, i Tryed one of Those, im like you, not a big fan. I Like the Facemask That is a hat and Facemask in one. , I use the scentlok Savana For bow Season (Realtree max1 Camo) and for non scent Control i like the mesh Hat facemask Combo from The compony: Jacob Ash, in Realtree Apg. But i have the best luck with Mossyoak obsession for turkeys. I'll Let you Know How the UA Turkey Mask Does. Should Have it Thursday. It Retails At Bass pro For $19.95. It Was Rated Good!
    I prefer the spandex
    The gloves are plain spandex, not the ones with micro beads or cyberskin on the palm side>

    The other morning, it was pretty chilly when we first went out to observe> The gloves and mask kept my hands and face warm.
    But as the temps rose, the gloves also allowd my skin to breath.

    Yesterday afternoon, we went to see if we could catch them roodting. Walking out to our spot, it was pretty warm. Sun shining, no breeze at all.

    When we got to our spot, I hade a little bit of sweat on my forhead >

    The mask absorbed it and any more and helped keep me cool. AS th evening went by and temps dropped, they kept me comfortable and warm.

    The looser fit nija mask I had also has another issue: When I breath, all the warm air I exhale gets channeled up towards my shades causing them to fog up.

    I do not have that issue with the spandex hood.
    Half Mask
    Gt, Yea I Like the Half Mask Alot I Use Durning Squirrel Season. Lol Yep The War Paint Makes a nice little Mess when you sweat. I Wear War Paint all the time When i duck Hunt. i never wipe it off untill I Get Home. Lol You should see the looks i Get When i go into a store with Chest Waders on and a full face of War Paint!!lol
    Yea, Scoutfish, i agree I Too Like Spandex, it does a good job at wicking away Sweat. And yea It doesnt Fog Glasses Or Optics. Good Choice for many Different Hunts and temps. Thanks for The Feed Back And Sharing Good tips on Gear!!
    mosqito netting
    I either use a really lightwieght mesh that is a camo colored brownish that my mom in law made for me. She got the fabric at joannes fabric I think. It is lighter than air almost with elastic around the bottom and fits under my hat and I can seee right through it. IT works really great..jager..