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  • GT and Daughter take down a High Noon Drifter on Youth Day 2013

    YES!!!!!! so excited my Daughter got her First longbeard...This Gobbler Gobbled no less than 150 times before his demise ..Had this same Bird get around us @ 35 yards at 7:15am and I'm thinking when my daughter laid the Gun on the Blind Window, The weight of the Gun made the blind move and he spooked...Moved on him once at 10:00 for a hour then decided to get back in Blind after he wouldn't budge...Got settled back in and done soft clucks and Purrs every 20 minutes and actually was fixing to leave because we were starving!!! I think this Gobbler heard the rustling inside the blind and felt he was safe and started Gobbling 30 yards away in a Thicket...I instantly get Dacota on the Gun and out the Window and we are both tore up!!! I purr soft on the Spursuader Slate and I here him drumming...I take safety off and Told Dacota when his head fills the Diamond shoot like we practiced...She didn't even tell me she was going to shoot and I didn't see the Gobbler because I was trying to dig camera back out and BOOOOM...I did have to run him down a ways and finish him off with my Boot but I wasn't about to let him get away lol....After the hunt we sat on the Ground and shared the moment for about 45 minutes...Life was Great today!!! I'll post better Pics later...Going to help my nephew try to get on 1!!!

    21 lbs
    1 inch Spurs
    9 inch beard
    Shot at exactly 12:30
    Way To Dacota!
    Way to go Dacota. I know you have to be super stoked but I bet your dad was in tears. So happy for you both!

    Does this mean you're in the drawing for a Spursauder? Looks like you got a turkey blanket!
    Dead eye Dacota
    Great job girl!! Sounds like you and your Dad will be munching on some turkey nuggets.Im glad it worked out well for you both. As for Jesse and I we only heard one gobble on the roost a half a mile or so to the north but couldnt pursue. posted land .It was real quite here all day maybe tonight. anyway great job..jager..
    congrats GT!
    Man its a good day I must say... congrats to you and your daughter and nice bird!
    dakota turkey
    Great job today, I know you and your daughter are on cloud nine, I know the feeling, its great!!!!!!!!!!
    Taking my 12 yr old Tuesday, sports got in the way today, I am going to try out the new spursauder slate,will let you know if we get one
    Great job, Nice bird
    Big Gobbler
    Congratulations young lady. Way to go on a big bird and a exciting hunt. Get lots of pictures.
    A Great Big Congrats
    Wow what a nice gobbler and what a big smile on a little girl. Well,you just won yourself a quilt for killing your first gobbler. Congrats,I know you must be very proud.
    A lifetime memory
    I remember my daughters first turkey and everyone since. I have never shot one usually just call for other people, usually that being my daughter. It is something you will never forget. Actually did her first one in a full strut mount. Nothing makes you prouder as a dad than seeing your kids succeed. My daughter is now to old for youth season and next week will be running my wife through woods trying to get her her first turkey. From one dad to another Congratulations.
    way to go
    Congrats Dacota! You was definitely with the right guy. Glad you got you one - good luck on the next one.
    Thanks EVERYONE!!!! I tell ya...I get tore up each Turkey Season because it truly is my biggest Passion in the outdoors and experiencing this Hunt with my Daughter is Priceless!!! We have come close so many times since she was 4...yes 4 lol and something would always go wrong...I been keeping a check on this Gobbler the last few weeks and actually went with my Gut yesterday and moved the Blind and wouldn't you know it that when he got around us this morning he walked right by where the Blind was originally and I thought..Here we go again!! but as much as this Gobbler hammered most of the Day...Dacota was determined to take him home with us lol....What a day!!!
    Very NICE
    Man, That's Awsome Gt!! Congrats To You And Your Daughter!! That's A Nice Bird! Looks Like You May Have some Compotion This Year! Good luck Next Sat!!
    THK Buddy
    Thanks Chad!!!! I'll be running with me best Bud Donion and from what I'm seeing around here I'm hoping we hit it at prime time next week!!!! The hens are nesting already and Mid-day Gobblers are fired up looking for love!!! Don and myself are Gonna try to get some video Footage for you guys...I usually take the camera but don't think about it until after the carnage lol...Good Luck to you also Buddy if you get after 1!!!
    Cool Pic
    Diane Has Dacota has been taking Picture lessons from you? She snapped this with her Ipod as we were leaving lol
    Your Welcome Gt!! Same here i've Seen alot of Good Turkey Sign The last week Or Two. Im Fired Up Ready To Try Again. A Buddy of my (Game Warden) Gave me Some Tips to try For calling And decoying, so I'll give them a try. He Bagged 2 toms Last year with a crossbow, so he knows What he's doing lol. I Bought a hat cam This year, so if nothing else, maybe i'll get so good video.
    I hear YA!!!
    Way to go Dacota!!! I know the hearts had to be pounding it that blind. I know about packing the camera up to leave and then no time to retrieve it before the shot. But the play by play will last forever. Congrats to both of you!!
    Can't tell you which
    I admire more:

    The turkey she bagged or that look on her face. That's not just a smile, but a look of accomplishment.

    Congrats to both of you!
    What an nice bird !
    GT,your face and hers tell it all.congrats
    Awesome Job!!
    Way to go Dakota and Poppa GT!! That is awesome man....I know that 45 minutes after the shot and the hunt will last with you guys forever. IT is something so special to share with your kids that so many will never get to experience. We are truly blessed to be able to do things like this and what's better than seeing your passion for something coming through your daughter and her feeling what you and others have felt so many times...One day I am sure she will pass it down as well and Grand Pappa GT will still be fooling them ole toms....Way go man and huge congrats to Dakota
    Thanks again Guys and DCB.... Like I have stated in the past...We have come close so many times but this Hunt and her getting to here him Gobble so much has her hooked I'm thinking lol...You mention her asking Questions lol and I thought I had answered them all in the woods..NOT!!! That's what she was doing when I snapped this Picture...Daddy whats this again??? What's this called again??? I LOVE IT!!!! lol She would kill me if she knew I shared this Picture but you can tell she is in deep thought lol
    Drop Em Dead Dacota
    GT...I can't think of anything that could top the feeling you had when that BOOM went off and you were digging for that camera...Awesome job Dacota and a great gobbler!
    Thanks RussDog!!! Your Right Buddy...Indescribable feeling!!!!
    Turkey Slayers
    Great Job Dacota!!