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  • Turkey Reg ?'s

    Probably a couple of dumb ?'s but I couldn't find it in the Turkey section of the Reg book.
    1) Do you have to have a plug in your shotgun? If so, how many shells are you allowed (3)?
    2) Are you required to wear orange? Huntman & I did last year but I'm not sure if it's a requirement.

    Sure hope we see something Saturday. When I got up and went to start my car Wednesday morning (before light) I thought heard a turkey so I did an owl hoot and he sounded off again. He was in a bottom behind our house a pretty good ways but I thought it was pretty cool. Hoping for something even cooler Saturday. :)
    Good luck everybody!
    You DON'T need to plug your gun for turkey. But you do gotta plug it for migratory birds such as geese,ducks,dove,crow etc. but not for turkey.but hey,if you have to shoot at a turkey more than three times you probably ain't gonna bring him home anyways so my plug stays in LOL.

    You can wear Hunter Orange IF you DON'T want to kill a turkey lol...TOTAL Camouflage is a MUST!!! Don't even wear white Socks unless your Boots are High enough to Hide them...I don't even like wearing my eye glasses because I'm afraid the glare will spook them but It's never a bad idea to wear Orange until your Set-up because you just never know where a Idiot is and by all means when you Kill a Turkey pull the Hunter Orange Flag from your vest on the way out...There have been reports of people getting shot while carrying a dead Turkey out of the woods and NEVER use the Colors of a Gobblers head such as Red. White and Blue!!! In other words..Don't be drinking a Bottle of Pepsi while wondering around the woods during Turkey season lol...Good Luck...I know you Guys are gonna get a few!!!
    Thanx for the info GT. I wasn't sure about the plug - didn't even think about it last year but your right if he ain't dead w/ 3 shots it probably ain't gonna happen.
    That's pretty much what I was thinking about the orange. I'll probably have Huntman where it in and out just to make sure we don't get shot at coming and going. lol
    I really hope we see something tomorrow. We're carrying so much stuff w/ the blind, chairs, etc we look like we're staying for the week. lol
    Good luck to you and Dakota.
    GT answered your questions but I would just like to wish you two the best of luck in the morning!!!
    I'd like to explain the why of what GT told you:

    Orange cap is pretty much( but not entirely) a required use when rifles are used.
    For example: Deer hunting.

    Not required when it's just shotguns: Eample: turkey, goose, duck hunting.

    Bow hunting mostly doesn't require it , but there are exceptions like bow hunting on Sunday during deer hunting. Then- you still have to have blaze orange on your body that can be seen from 360 degrees.

    3 limit isn't required for turkeys because they are considered big game and not migratory.

    Small game like squirrel do not have a 3 shot limit either . Couldn't tell you wether it's because you have a daily limit of 8 ( except fox squirrel) - in which case a 3 shot limit doesn't make sense or wether it's because they are not migratory.
    turkey regs
    Gt and SCOUT, Are Dead on on The regs!! Got Luck Justintime Gt, And all Others, It's Go Time!! Wonder How the Kids Did Today. They Have a full week This year.
    Thanx fellas!
    Chad - saw you a couple weeks ago cleaning up on Red Mill. We had just left my son's baseball game - I blew the horn and then thought, 'he has no idea who's honkin' the horn'. lol
    Sweet, Yea I Remember That, Lol I See Alot of The Local Hunters Trucks Go By All The Time, Dont Know Names, But I Know The Trucks lol. Thanks For The Honk, it Makes My Day When People Wave. I'll Tell You One Thing, Man I Try Hard To Get All The Trash Up, but no sooner i get it Up it goes Right back Down. But it Looks much better when The Trash is Up. Butner is by Far the hardest to keep clean ( Central AVE And 33rd st Archery Zones) Going to hit it Tomorrow. Good Luck Hope You Bag Birds Justintime!!