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  • Surf fishing at EI

    Hey everyone -

    We're heading to EI this coming weekend with some friends. I was thinking of doing a little surf fishing. Is it a good time of the year around these part. Sorry I'm a little green behind the ears when it comes to saltwater fishing

    Emerald Isle
    As a kid, Spent some time there. The longer the rod the better. You want to throw over the breakers. That way the breakers don't wash your rig back in so quick. We had the best luck with frozen shrimp and sand fleas. But, if spots and pompano are running blood worms and cut mullet work good. Flounder like the two former.
    Lately, I heard mud minnows are good off the pier for flounder, before the waves start to break on rising and falling tides. They make a mud minnow rig, which lets the minnow swim freely. Give a report on how you do. I like a standard 3 or 4oz. pyramid sinker on a double hook rig. 25lb test line. pvc pipe holder and two rods. Remember, to flip the bail before you throw or the sinker will snap your line and go a mile. Lost a few rigs like this from excitement trying to get back out in a hurry for another fish,lol. Hold one rod and put the other in holder. If you get slack line re-throw and keep line pretty tight. So you can see if you have a bite. Don't leave out too long or the sand will bury the sinker and you will lose your rig. If the action is hot, you may only be able to fish one rod. GL

    Ps. One way to find out if fish are biting fleas, is to let the wave come up on beach. Start digging down in the sand with your hand about a foot deep as the water is running back out. If you feel the fleas little legs tickling your palm and bodies about the shape of a pecan. Grab them and throw them in a bucket and fish with them. If you can catch them like that, bets are the fish are after them, too!
    you might try heading all the way down to the end (past the Coast Guard station) couple of parking spaces. if not; think it's a 10.00 fine. lol I used to catch specks and flounder about this time of year. haven't been down in a long time.