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  • It's Scouting Time

    March and April are my favorite times for scouting on my deer lease. I'm in a ten-man club with a 900 acre lease on a pine tree plantation. Our only hardwoods consist of a 50 yard wide swath bordering an intermittent creek bed that bisects the property.

    We try to keep our impact low in the fall and during the season by using only a few well defined paths to our stands, and avoiding roaming and brush busting. So I'm out in early Spring looking for deer trails, sheds, old rubs and scrapes, and new stand locations.

    This year has been especially interesting because the loggers did a thinning cut a little while back and the area has changed a lot due to more sunlight and new growth. Recently I was checking out an area that has never been very good for us. But the logging activity changed it quite a bit and it has a lot of new briar, blackberry, and other sprouts starting to stick up in the logging cuts. And one real biggie - three deer beds off to the side of the cuts, about ten yards back into the trees.

    So guess where I put one of my 12 ft. “high chair” stands?

    The pictures show the spot. The bedding area is about 125 yards down that cut to the left of the stand. (You can't see the full length of the cut in the picture.)
    How often do you think the Deer will bed there?????? That's a cool stand though...I would clear that area out and plant it!!!
    Who Knows?
    Aw heck GOBBLINTOM, I have no idea. Sometimes they seem to bed in the same area for quite a while. Sometimes not. I do believe that older bucks seem to choose a bedding area in a thick spot and stick to it so long as there's decent food within a few hundred yards.

    Anyway, at least I know they are in the area now.
    Good Luck
    Well Good Luck to ya...At least they left you a little Timber lol...They CLEARED!!! my area 7 years ago and didn't re-plant it and now I have to mow my shooting lanes at least twice a year or I couldn't see anything because the rest is THICK!!! They (The Deer) do have a freeway beat down to my Trophy Rock though lol
    Thanks GOBBLINTOM. Clearcuts are a good thing. But they sure can be hard to hunt. Just about our entire lease was clearcut fifteen years ago and we had a deer explosion for the next ten years. It was really neat the first few years because you could sit in a high stand and see a deer at 200 yards in any direction. But we had to do like you after that and keep shooting lanes bushhogged because you can't see a deer in four-foot high new growth.
    Your Welcome Buddy and I know what you mean lol...I had 2 great seasons after they clear-cut my lease and now..I have to keep my eyes peeled because I have looked up and just seen a rump crossing my lanes and wonder...What was it??? I wish they would have re-planted it but they didn't and now it's a thick Brier patch...still holds a few deer but it used to hold turkeys also and now, they have left this area because It holds predators also...I will say that I never seen many Foxes and Coyotes until it was cleared and now they are common in the thick stuff...again..Good Luck to ya!!
    Coyotes & Bobcats
    Regarding predators. We had the same thing. I think what happens is all of the new growth initiated a rabbit explosion as well as a deer explosion. Them critters will congregate wherever there are lots of rabbits.

    I once shot two bobcats five minutes apart on the same morning on one of my shooting lanes.

    That same season I was watching a nice doe feeding on a little 1/3 acre food plot. Once when I glanced up I realized there was a bobcat about twenty yards from that doe, right out there in the open. How it got there without me seeing it I'll never know.

    That cat was crouched down and creeping along very slowly with its belly just about dragging the ground - just like you see on those videos of African lions stalking. I was so mesmerized by the action that I didn't even think of shooting the cat. It got to withing about ten feet of the doe before she realized she had company and bolted for the tree line, with the cat in hot pursuit.

    I've always wondered how that chase ended. Up until then I never believed that a bobcat would actually attack an adult deer.
    Wow that is something but I'm sure it happens...I have only seen 1 Bobcat while Deer Hunting and I took it but have trapped a few...Whats the ballpark figure you have in that stand there? Do you anchor it down? Looks Neat and roomy plus semi-portable!!!
    I Built It
    The stand is 12' tall and cost about $90 to build. It's made up of four modules; the ladder, the rear support frame, the seat assembly, and the floor board. You build it at home then break it down into its four modules to transport it. I can carry it in my little Ford Ranger pick-up.

    One person can carry the individual modules for placement in the field, and one person can assemble it and stand it up in about 15-20 minutes. It goes together in the field with 12 1/4' galvanized bolts.

    To buy the plans for building one send an e-mail to
    Thanks HB...I have a spot I have always wanted to put a Tripod in a old rabbit Running Ground but $90 is alot cheaper than what a tripod Cost...I'll check it out.