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  • Tag # 2 Long Beard

    B.J. Compton of Lexington, S.C. has been hunting ever since he was knee high as a cypress stump and has learn to hunt what he calls Swamp Chickens.
    Most hunters will hunt open land such as fields and power lines looking for a gobbler in full strut.
    B.J. has learn that some or most of these gobblers will be in low bottom swamps with open spots next to a rivers and creeks where they will roost.
    Just as a crow flies by and calls the sound of thunder comes a live from a tree just with in 40 yards of him.
    Knowing he would have to wait till this old boss gobbler would fly down the game is on.
    The sound of wings and a pitch down comes gobbling and with low yelps he is now strutting his way on a rivers edge.
    Notice a full fan with spit and drumming coming in close the shot would be a clean one.
    Target in view with sights at aim and a easy pull on the trigger ' B.J. Compton ' tags another tom and has only three tags left for the rest of the season.
    After hunting on private land in Game Zone 6 that opens March 15th. He will now start hunting WMA land that will open April 1st. statewide.

    B.J. Compton
    21 lbs.
    1 1/8 spurs
    12 inch. beard
    Congrats and nice picture.