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  • Hunting Aloca Gamelands

    Hey this is my 1st post so I would like to introduce myself..I have been visiting this site for awhile and decided to join up so I can get some advice.
    I've been deer hunting for awhile but never turkey hunted and the bug to get back into the woods is biting to hard for me to wait until september. Ive never hunted Alcoa and it looks like its the only land I will have access to this turkey season.. Now I was seening if anyone knew how the hunting was there and how heavly pressured it was. I am not trying to take anyones honey hole but if anyonecould share some light on where a few good areas to start i would be very thankful you can also pm me if you dont want to make it public.. or even if you could tell me areaa that I definitely shouldnt try that would also be helpful.
    I live in Rowan county and my thoughts are to hunt the 601 area and over by the northern part of the yadkin river south to where the I-85 bridge is.

    Any help or tips would be great.. thanks.
    WELCOME PantherFan (I'm 1 myself). The areas you mentioned are good Spots...Do you have a Boat? The abundance of Alcoa Land around Tuckertown is loaded with Turkeys!! I have had great luck there over the years...The trick is to be patient!!And BE SAFE!!!! I have had Birds shot in front of me that I was working a few times but That's Public Land for ya. Mid Week and evenings seem to be the best. If you don't have a Boat, The walk in areas off of River Road can be good but I'll warn ya...The easy access areas get beat to death the first couple weeks, I have been seeing 4 Gobblers in this general area the last 2 weeks but I wont hunt them because I know what to expect BUT...If your a halfway decent caller, You might still want to try it because Trust me...I have heard some crazy hen talk in that Timber lol...I don't venture into that area much anymore but the Birds are there!!! Hang around the Boat Ramp at the grave yard access about Mid-day and ask the fisherman coming in where they heard the morning Gobbles at and they will tell ya...That's what I used to do and then hunt those areas that evening..Some times it paid off and some times I heard nothing...GOOD LUCK!!!
    Thanks for the reply..yea I have a kayak so I hope to access the more harder to reach spots. My only question is where is river road and the graveyard, is it further souty like by the lake and dam?? The only place i know that has a parking lot is off reeves island road..we're not talking about the same place are we??
    You stated you live in Rowan county? River Road?..The Road that runs along Side of Tuckertown lake....The Graveyard is 1 of only 2 Boat access areas I know of for Tuckertown...In fact I think it's the ONLY 2 Access areas.
    Hunting Aloca Gamelands
    Haha yea now I know where your talking about I was thinking of the river road in uwharrie lol. But do you think I can send you some screen shots of the areas I want to hunt and get your advice
    I wouldn't be afraid to hunt any of that game land around T-Town...Alot of Birds there!!!