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  • NCDC, and Limbhanger...I thought of you guys LOLOLOL

    After my 1st Season of Duck hunting....This even cracked me up while I thought of my fellow QuackSmackers lol
    pic#1- could careless what they think.
    pic#2- they can go to he{{
    pic#3-damn sure wouldnt mind a day like that.
    pic#4- mine know the deal
    pic#5- not all folks is as lucky as the West Virigian cat i know. ha
    pic#6- would rather do that all day everyday, rather than waste my time worried about what everybody else thinks an is doin.
    Those pics are all too perfect GT. LOL!! Glad you got to experience a good first waterfowl season!! Well, Im off to listen for turkeys this morning. Hope I hear something!!
    LOL Yeah I'm up to a New 935 Auto in Max4...New Chest Boot Wader Thingys in Max 4....New Chest Pack in Max4...Max4 Beanie...Several New Calls AND.....I got all this after the Season had gone out so yeah!!! I might as well try it again Next season if the Lords willing lol We all need to plan a hunt together,,,That would be a Hoot!!!!!!