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  • Did y'all know...

    ...that Reebok & Converse make boots?
    I have Plantar Fasciitis and have been trying to find some good boots that don't kill my feet. So I was doing some 'research' and found a bunch of reviews from Military folks that were talking about how much they liked the Converse Stealth boots. I didn't know that either company made boots like these and I don't know what the connection is but both companies have the 'Stealth' boots which look exactly the same to me. They come in 6 or 8 inch, in tan, sage, or black, soft toe, composite or steel toe. On ebay they run $115 to $135 generally.
    I wanted a black pair but I found a new tan pair for $50 so I bought them to try them out. So far I really like them. They have real good cushioning, great arch support, and are relatively light boots. I really hope they hold up - think I'll be getting the 8 inch black pair soon.
    Just thought I'd pass it along.
    I'll check that out!!!