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  • My first turkey blind

    This is my very first turkey blind I have made.

    Used a Mossy Oak breakup patterned burlap cloth. about 5' tall X 12' wide Height wise, it is doubled over my upright stakes to create a double thickness and
    lengthwise, it is in a half hexagon shape.

    Drug a few dead trees that were laying around ( and very common all around) and layed a few in front of the blind just as they were laying where I found them. Same position and direction in relation to a compass too. Walked over about 20 yards and grabbed a big handfull of leaves and threw the up in the air and let them settle over the dead wood I laid out. Did this 3 or 4 times to give it a a look that more matched the surrounding dead branches on the ground.

    Come hunt time, I will clip a few green branches while walking in and plant them around the blind also to have some fresh greenery.

    This is at one end of a clearing in the middle of the woods I hunt on ( our family land) and opposite end of where I have watched many turkeys enter the field.

    Anyways, one shot is of my son peeking over the top. Realize though, he is not wearing any kind of camo whatsoever. Brown Duck Dynasty hat, shades, brown jacket, very bright blue denim jeans.

    The pattern on the burlap matches 3 of the trees behind it very well. Didn't even realize that until I uploaded the pics and looked at them on my computer.

    So, be brutally honest and give you best constructive criticism:

    So......What do yah think?
    OK.....You asked for it lol....But seriously It looks OK but Why...Didn't you move it 10 feet to right looking at Pictures and tuck back in under what looks like holly and get next to that Pine?...Turkey don't pay blinds any attention like deer do but as I'm sure you have heard, They see very very very GOOD!!! and don't miss much!!! Also I should mention that even after you have did everything exactly right...The Gobblers will sneak in BEHIND you!!!! I have had set-ups where I actually turned around to Call because I just had that feeling and several times the birds came in directly in front of me where I have to believe that with the lay of the land if I hadn't called behind me then that's where the Birds would have came in from but since you have watched these Birds enter this field I think your on top of Plan A...Good Luck!!!!

    I'll also say that once they smell a rat...They can leave in a hurry!!!!! lol
    As far as the holly tree and pine, the ground drops pretty quick right there as it is on the edge of a small creek. I'd love to set up under the holly, but would be sitting on damp clay that slopes at about a 45 degree angle.

    There is also a great spot to the left - about 15 feet outside the picture, but sits almost on a naturaly deer trail.

    I'd love to set up there also, but have seen the occasional turky walk that way.

    My son asked me the same thing: Dad, what if a turkey comes up behind us?'

    I said 'Don't move!'

    Not sure what I'll do though if that happens.
    Next year, I plan to
    forgo using a blind and buy those leafy camo pants and shirt from Bass Pro Shop.

    You know the ones I am talking about? Grass on the pants and loose leafy material on the shirt.

    I like the real tree pants with gras and the mossy oak obsession shirt with the leaf material on it.

    I'd like to buy them and just sit down on the ground and lean back on a tree.
    I See!!
    I got ya...Yeah my brother wears a Ghillie Suit but that thing clears a path grabbing alot of debris lol but The leafy wear your talking about is nice also....I recently started using a light Hub Blind and man the things you can get away with in a Blind!!! I have had Turkeys brush my blind before and trust me...LOL If the Turkeys do come in behind you...You better have nerves of steel not to move lol...I have killed a few birds and I still find that the hardest thing to do is control my adrenaline!!!! IT NEVER GETS OLD!!!!
    good job
    yeah Id be in the thicker cover to the right if possible too. Since you cant and your worried about birds from behind Id circle the burlap for 360 degree concealment. Brushing it in will help too Great job though,its always alot of fun doing that type of preparing its what makes the hunt that much more enjoyable good luck ..jager..
    Turkey &deer blind Got to work on the food plot now
    NICE!! Hunter...That's a Natural Blind for sure...I would have stacked a little higher and crossed some and made me some windows lol....Good Luck...Hope that SPURSUADER is the ticket for ya!!!
    LOVE it
    Good deal and if it gets to cold your all set lol just kidding, That outta work just fine Good luck.what you goona plant??
    What camo do you wear?
    Does Mossy Oka offer a 'woodpile' camo pattern? :)

    That's a pretty cool blind there. The only thing I'd worry about is snakes crawling through it , but other than that, that's a great idea!
    That's Funny
    LMBO!!! Woodpile Camo? No they don't have a woodpile camo. I have Hunted out of a Blind in only shorts and a black T-shirt...We wont really ever know how are fancy camo appears to the eyes of Game...I have shot deer at 15 yards covered in Blaze Orange but I do know that with Turkeys..You better blend in Good!!! I don't even like hunting with my Glasses on because I'm worried the turkeys will catch a glare...I do have a scope on my Gun but usually keep a camo glove over the front while waiting...As for snakes...When your a outdoorsman, That just comes with the game...It's there world..We are only visitors out there.
    Thanks everyone GT I will try the call in this blind. saw some good turkey tracks in the field. snakes if it a copperhead I will have a gun with me, black rat snake will keep mice out. FOOD PLOT I think I will plant corn with alfalfa and clover mix around the edges. camo only need a hat in the blind for deer hunting
    Thanks hunter4 and Good Luck!!!
    You will be fine unless they come up behind you as GT said....I prefer to have some bigger trees behind me but I understand your situation. My suggestion would be to buy a inexpensive pop up blind. They are a no brainer for me. It allows you to do so much more than if you are just sitting out there. The woods appear to be fairly open. You may not even know they are behind or beside you before they see you move....Hopefully they follow the same pattern that you have been watching but I would definitely consider a pop up blind and black clothes....You would be surprised at the movement you can get away with. The one key is not to open every window like some do...Either good luck and hopefully you will smack one in a couple weeks!!