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  • My Turkey pattern with Number 6s and Kicks Choke!!

    Well did some horse trading with fellow poster Bearice when he mentioned trading his Winchester 1300 for a 30/30 So knowing his gun and my Mossberg 930 took the same choke I showed a interest in the Kicks Gobbling Thunder Choke tube he had recently purchased so to make a long Story short I ended up with the Choke Tube AND the NEW Nikon Turkey Pro Scope that was on the gun also so with the Choke being a .665 and designed for number 6s and I've always been a Number 5 guy...I bought some 6s...Well Turkey hunting Pal Donion from the site here drove down today to sight his New Turkey gun in that now has that Nikon turkey Pro Scope on it lol and we Set up my lounger and at 25 or so yards...I shot the Kicks Choke and this is my first shot with the 6s...Not bad and I'll tweak it a little more before season to see if I prefer it over my Primos Tight Wad and Number 5s...Also been wanting to share a shed Antler I found a week ago at my Trophy Rock while Turkey scouting...Never seen this Deer before but still a cool find and I looked a while for it's match but no luck.
    nice pattern
    Looks like you are getting it all together for turkey season,lol. Are you gonna get one with a bow? Im gonna try,but if it looks like my chances are better where I set up to lay one down with my shotgun...well thats the weapon of choice.
    looks like a dead bird
    like the pattern and the zombie turkey target haha. if those things ever show up for real i might be akwardly pleased. just because we could knock their heads off year round instead of just in the spring
    nice pics
    Id say that would git r done but I know your a perfectionist. Like myself, so I know you will tweak the gun till it takes the head off at 1000 yards lol..jager.. nice shed too
    Thanks Guys:
    @Diane...yeah I got a Bow spot picked out if the dang birds ever show back up lol

    @Mac...The zombie targets was all they had lol and yeah it would be nice just to blast some zombie Gobblers lol hell any Zombies!!! lol

    @Jager...The wind was crazy today but yeah I'm gonna tweak it a little more but I'll still see how close I can get'em...To close can be bad as you know but I sure love the show and That's the best shed I have ever found myself...It's not another Trophy in the living room laying at the base of my Coyote pedestal mount...Looks Cool
    You may need a follow up shot with that pattern lol....Just kidding....I have never used # 6's for turkeys...I usually shoot #4's or 5's as well. I need to shoot some...That is a great shed as well...Very rarely do I come across one but it is a treat to find. I like the decal as well.....
    Looks like a dead bird to me. Doesn't look like it needs too much 'tweeking' to me. Just a few more weeks...
    Nice pattern. I used to use the Kicks Gobbling Thunder choke tube in my Remington 11-87. I used the old Federal 3' 2oz. #5 with good success.