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  • Opening Day Turkey Season

    March 15th. is opening day of turkey season on private land in the Low Country of South Carolina and there is no surprise that B.J. Compton of Lexington, S.C. will harvest a Gobbler every year on this date.
    Loves to make his own Duck Calls and Strikers.
    This year he is also trying to make the distance with a mountain bike.
    As the early morning sun rise he is headed down a long road on his bike and comes up on a lonely hen.
    Stops at a ( T ) in the road and there are gobbler tracks every where.
    Then just behind him a crow sounds off and the sound most turkey hunters love to hear ' The sound of a Eastern Wild Turkey '
    Using a slate and his new striker with a few soft calls he gets a answer back with a double gobble.
    This Tom hangs up at 50 yards in a full strut and then held his head up for a clean shot.

    Weighed 19 Lbs. 8 inch Beard and 1 inch Spurs
    Great tom and nice job on the striker!