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  • Sadly Gave It Up,lol

    I Didn't want to give up the Spursuader that Gobblintom made for my daughters Birthday,but sadly I let it go. It was worth it to see the smile on her face when I handed it to her,and she had to tug hard to get me to turn it loose,lol. She also got a new target to practice her new bow on.She is looking forward to her first turkey hunt this year.I would really love to see her get one.But I would also be just as happy to see the smile on her face if she calls one in,(and I shoot it,J/k)
    @ GT, Thanks for making the call.I guess you never realized the way to make 2 women smile at the same time was to give them a Spursuader,lol.It should definately be broke in,between you calling on it and me calling on it starting first thing in the morning while the coffees perking and off and on all day long,lol.
    Well for what it's worth..You made me Smile also lol...That's great that she shows a interest in hunting but making those memories with you is what she will really cherish later in life...By the way...How many calls do you need lol? Yeah!!...I'm a Good one to ask that question lol seems like I carry one for every hour of the Hunt lol. Glad she had a Happy Birthday...Speaking of targets...That's something I need to invest in or re-pack my DIY Rag target lol.

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