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  • NEW NCBA Program



    The North Carolina Bowhunters Association (NCBA), a Non-Profit organization, has a new program named: 'Becoming a Bowhunter in North Carolina.'(BABINC). If interested in this program, send an email to: with your name, phone, email and county of residence to add your name to a list of students to be included in one of our Level #1 classes. You will be contacted when a class is scheduled in your area. There is no charge for the Level #1 class, but we will accept donations to cover the administrative costs of the class, and we encourage everyone to join NCBA to be covered by our hunting and outdoor activity liability insurance.

    The program will address how to dress and butcher a deer. This process has been lost in today's society. Rising food prices and concerns about eating meat from domestic livestock given food with additives to accelerate growth and medicines to keep them healthy. Venison offers a natural alternative and a solution to these concerns, especially since we now have a problem, (or natural gift?) of having a supply of clean, lean and high protein food inhabiting our neighborhoods. NCBA can help you learn to bowhunt and process your deer harvest, or provide certified, insured bowhunters to do it for you.
    NCBA has regional coordinators, instructors and mentors in our BABINC program in your area. We also have certified and insured BCRS bowhunters all across the state who are willing to help you put venison in your freezer and help you learn about bowhunting yourself, if you are interested!
    Each mature deer yields about 50 pounds of lean, high protein meat that will feed your family and save hundreds of dollars every year in grocery bills.
    Bowhunting is a safe, ethical and humane way to control the deer population in urban and rural habitats. Modern archery equipment, in the hands of a trained and skilled bowhunter will dispatch a deer very quickly. Our Level #2 and #3 classes will address these concerns in depth.

    If you are a bowhunter, and are interested in getting involved as an instructor or mentor, you can contact me at the phone number and email below.

    If you would like to talk about any of our programs, give me a call. My cell # is 567-703-6222, or email to:

    If you have access to property to bowhunt, we can almost guarantee you will receive venison to fill your freezer. Contact Dennis McClure at: or 336-377-9114 to register land with the NCBA-BCRS Program and enlist the services of a certified and insured NCBA-BCRS Bowhunter.

    Go to our webpage at:

    and read the links for 'BCRS' and 'Becoming a Bowhunter' for more information on these two NCBA programs.