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  • Camo dipping your gun

    Okay, have any of you seen the camo duipping kits for gun?
    Some really nice patterns too> I love the God's country's like Real tree and Mossy Oak that have been super charged>

    Anyways, every pictur I see of a pitol or rifle shows just the stock or grips camoed - so you can tell the action and barrels were disassembled before dipping.

    However, when looking at shotguns that were camo dipped, The entire gun has the same camo pattern>

    So, Am I to assume you can dip the entire gun in the water?
    Okay, maybe the trigger mechanism was taken out, but the ammo tube, the action area, barrel, stock and pump grip have a continuous 'uninterrupted pattern. This tells me that the entire gun was dipped as a whole piece.

    NOw, the cost of sending one off is m ore than I want to pay...which is what makes the home kit ideal>

    But if I have to completely strip the gun apart, spend an extroidinary amount of time cleaning/drying it out then forget it!

    I'lljust buy the 3M vinyl graphics kit instead.

    SO, what can you tell me from experience?

    I got a good buddy who is into camo dipping. Look it up on Facebook. Cane Creek Hydrographics. Keep an eye out for some pics hopefully by the weekend for a few pics of things he has dipped.
    It's Not just a simple DIY kit!! You have to know what your doing or it will be all for nothing..If the Gun isn't prepared and conditioned correctly the steel will actually Rust from the inside out..(Under The camo) I recently bought a gun from a Guy in a dimly lit parking lot and thought it was Max 4 Camo...I get it home and even though it looked very nice and very much like Max 4 in the low light...It Wasn't!! So sure enough I get to checking the Camo out and a few areas didn't feel right so with my finger I start picking at it and flakes of camo rust start coming off..I instantly called the guy and asked for my money back which wasn't a problem because he failed to mention that the gun had originally been black and had been dipped but if it's someone that has done thier homework then it might be a OK kit. For the price of a Gun THEN the price of the camo..I would just get a factory camo Gun
    So I considered the pros and cons of the home dip kit. I'd really like to try it, but I still have that hesitation about ruining a gun> Passed on the dip kit.

    Considered painting it myself. I have no doubt that i can create a great abd realistic pattern> Pretty artistic if I say so myself> But the cost of the cleaner, primer, base color and then 3 top colors plus clear dull finish would put me close to $60.00 Plus if any paint got past the tape in the trigger or action area - or worse - if some tape or taope residue got in there....well, that would be a headache!

    So I bought a Mossy Oak vinyl camo kit. Look at several different places and in the end, ordered one from WalMart for the same price, but came out $8.00 ahead when it comes to shipping. Wal-Mart only charging $1.79 shipping versus everybody else charging $10.00 or more.

    I'll post before and after pics when I do it.