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  • So...GOD Made a Turkey Hunter!!!!

    Gotta LOVE this!!! Thank You GOD
    There is a field
    It's about 25 acres in size. Corn filed mostly with smaller plots of misc stuff grownm in it>

    Been driving by this filed off and on all my driving life>

    Never paid much attention to it before, but 3 days ago, I looked over at it and saw what must have been at least 50 turkeys at the back side of the shallow end. Maybe 250 yards from the highway >
    Never thought much about it before, but then again, I just got into hunting in the past year.

    THis field is backdropped by miles and miles of hardwood oak forrest, with shallow creeks, Holly Trees and Maples. So you know that there are deer too.

    Since that moment, I can't pass by any field without straining my neck to see if there are any turkeys in it...Only 53 more days to go!!!!
    cool picture.Where was this taken,lol.
    Duh lol
    Diane...There was this Field off the Road and these Turkeys were in it...That's where it was taken at LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
    Wow,thats exactly where I thought it was.I thought I recognized that 3rd bird from the end.I'm glad he made it to see another season,lol.