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  • Trout Fishing!

    I fished the last 2 days making some quick afternoon trips . Sunday evening was the best catching 35 nice trout in less than 2 hours on LSU chubs and bunker swim baits. The trout were in 5-6 ft of water and the fish were very nice running 24-18 inches. Yesterday afternoon we duplicated where we fished on Sunday but a lot had changed in 24 hours with a terrific wind and water levels a ft or two higher than the previous day. We caught a dozen fish including reds that were released and the trout brought home for last nights supper. Fish were scattered yesterday compared to the previous day. Of course keep in mind that these 2 trips were only 2 and 3 hour trips. If you have more time to fish you will most likely catch more fish as some very good reports are coming in sporadically from Bayou Seveur, Deer Bayou/lil Deuce, Racourcci and in Lake Mechant under the birds. Shrimp are starting to show up ,although small but it won't be long before the lakes come alive with school trout action. Already finding some trout under birds at Grand Pass in Sister Lake on a falling tide. Looking forward to another great spring run on the DU! Good luck fishing.

    Capt Bill Lake