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  • Youth Turkey Season

    So I have read that we are having a youth turkey season this year. I am unclear if this is only on private land or does this include all lands ( state and fed ) that have a season. IE - Caswell County Game Lands. Can someone please clarify.
    Youth Week
    Charlie, That's a Good question and 1 my Buddy was asking me the other day...I'll tell you like I told him and that's 'I'm GUESSING the Rules are still the same as they were when we had a Youth day instead of a youth week other than NOW an adult can accompany more than 1 youth in the Field' I did check into the NCWRC and this was all I was able to find...Good Luck!!

    RALEIGH,N.C. (Feb. 7) —The 2013 spring turkey season has changed to allow for a longer youth turkey season in which adults can accompany more than one youth.

    The youth-only season will be open from the first Saturday in April — April 6 this year — to the following Friday, April 12. An adult can accompany more than one youth during this Spring Youth-Only Wild Turkey Season. The adult must be near the youth. The bag limit for the entire week is one bird.

    “With hunter recruitment as a major goal of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission,we are continuously looking for ways to bring more youth into the woods,” said David Cobb, chief of wildlife management for the Commission. “Adding these extra days to the youth season will give our newest hunters a better chance of bagging a bird, and get more youths and adults into the field.”

    Season information in the Inland Fishing, Hunting and Trapping Regulations Digest does not include the above information because the extended season was not adopted until after its publication. Previously, youth-only season was one day only — the first Saturday in April. Adults could accompany only one youth under the previous rules.

    The adult season runs from April 13 to May 11.