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  • 'Male or bearded turkey...'

    Okay, I am aware that this may be a stupid question, but that hasn't ever stopped me before! :)

    Male or bearded turkey? I take it to mean a hen could have a beard too? Maybe one that escaped from the bearded female turkey attraction that the traveling circus puts on?

    Does it happen alot, occasionally, every now and then, rarely?

    Would you shoot
    bearded hen
    I have seen a few bearded hens myself.I guess some people consider them a trophy to kill,but I personally wouldn't. I think GT said he did by accident and regreted it also.
    Bearded hens
    Yeah I have shot 1 and it was a bad feeling carrying that scrawny less than 12lb body to the truck..It's a rare Bird about like a albino Deer but a legal Turkey because it had a visible's a Pic of it...about 8 inches long and very thin like Most bearded hens beards are...My Buddy has 1 mounted and this Beard is a trophy to me but having a chance to do it again I think I would pass...After I killed her I couldn't help but think that she could have had a nest somewhere and it made me sick!!! I will say that she was some great Eating!!!
    bearded hens
    I would have to pass. Like GT said, the hen could have a nest somewhere. Bearded hens are not that uncommon where I live(newbern). A buddy of mine got a trail cam picture of a double bearded hen before the season started last year. Her beards were fairly thick and long also. The guy is not a user of the sportsman so I will get a pic from him this evening and post it. I have on rare occasions, seen white hens. I would probably take one of them if it were bearded.
    Naot planing on shooting one
    Just flipping through te regs book and saw again where it says ' male or or bearded'

    Wasn't sure if this was a common thing or not.
    Its rare to see a bearded hen thats why they are considered a trophy by some.
    Bearded Hens
    I read a report from a biologist that stated that bearded hens occurs in 10% of the population. People have long thought that bearded hens could not lay eggs however the report showed that was a myth. It was widely thought that bearded hens would be the bearers of multiple bearded Toms.....once again a myth. All Turkeys male and female have the ability to grow beards.