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  • Freak broadheads

    Anybody used these expandables? Got them at dicks for $15 a pack and wondered what any other users thought. Apparently they are made by rage, and are a blend of a rage and schwacker..... They have the cut-on-contact head of a rage, with the ferrule shape and wing blades of a schwacker.

    Any thoughts?
    Freak...Never heard of them
    Looks like a Poor design to me APMH, IF I'm seeing the picture correctly...The head will be inside BEFORE it gets to the trigger blade if you will thus making it complicated in opening so how is the cutting of the blade going to open in time to do the deed? The RAGE have rear deployment upon contact and I'm seeing that this blade has to make a 180 degree turn to be in position? Am I missing something?
    There a nock off of the swacker broadhead. Swackers are a descent broadhead but I can't tell you how these freak heads would perform. Alot of big retailers like bass pro and cabelas have there on broadhead but its actually made by a big broad head company. Like bass pro has a head that I think is called the blackout maybe and it's made by G5 and its almost the same as the g5 striker head but smaller cutting diameter etc. so more then likely this head is dicks brand made by the makers of the swacker head but done cheaper and probably a smaller cutting diameter etc.. Me personally I don't like mechanical Broadheads that require rubber bands to hold blades to together so I probably wouldn't shoot them but I'm sure they would work and for that price you could give them a shot!
    Supposed to be like a schwacker?
    Yeah GT I think they are supposed to be a clone of the schwacker. The ads for schwacker say they have an advantage cause they leave their blades fresh for cutting internals instead of dulling on skin/ribs. The claim makes sense but only on-game performance can tell the truth. I will try them on a turkey in a few months hopefully. Last year both turkeys I saw shot with muzzys dropped in their tracks with center body shots, so I guess a deer would be the only true test.
    That Claim does make sense I guess but a Broad-head going around 280fps is not gonna slow done much because it hits a deer hide in my opinion but I can see the logic behind the design. What you guys think about Rage Heads for Turkeys? I know they market a special Turkey Head but like the Muzzy's you mentioned, I would think that a rage put where it needs to be would do the job as well...The 3 Gobblers I seen all during Deer season would be a ideal scenario for a Bowhunt if they are still around come April lol

    BTW, APMH, Do you lower your poundage or use your deer set-up? I'm only shooting 58 Pounds but have always heard that the idea is for your arrow to stay IN the Gobbler to help the odds of a quick recovery.
    Lowered mine down to 60 pounds (from 70). That set my pins at 20, 30, 35, and 40. Instead of 20 30 40 50 like with my deer set-up. Didn't want to move my pins so I backed off until my yardages were even. The bird I killed was at 25 yards and the arrow went to the fletching. Perfect. The bird was locked up and couldn't jump, walk, or flap. He just laid there while I walked up and wrung him.
    I did see a bird shot with a hi-speed crossbow. Pass through right through the heart with a muzzy and the bird walked nearly 100 yards bleeding like a heart shot doe.
    Those two experiences proved to me that keeping the arrow in the bird is a benefit.
    Yes, That's what I was talking about was the 'Lock-Down'...I have shot 1 Gobbler with a Bow with a Muzzy...Perfect shot and he did the same thing you mentioned...I had to run him down after he covered about 80 yards and a few times he was trying to take flight...Thank God it was a open field because even though he was really a dead Turkey running...He was making good time once he seen me approaching him but I also shot 73 pounds back then...Again..What is your opinion on the standard Rage Heads for Turkey Hunting without buying the Turkey head version?...Like you stated, I think if I hit him decent, I can finish him off with my Boot lol
    They should work just as good or better that anything as far as breaking bone. Dropping that poundage plus the trauma of the rage should lock them down pretty good
    I can't wait man!!! Good Luck to ya and be safe in that rugged terrain
    good luck
    I don't know much about the broad heads like some of these other guys,so I guess it will be try and learn for me this season.I am going to do my best to take one with a bow myself,at least thats my goal.I always like reading your posts because you too hunt the mountains. Good luck to you this season.
    I use my wife's bow when shooting anything other than deer. Set at 44lbs. All I have to do is lengthen the draw :) makes her mad. LOL