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    Does anyone here frequent a bow forum online? Some of the best info available seems to come from forums like these. However, they aren't all created equal. Some (usually b/c of the collection of people posting) are exceptional...
    Archery Talk is a great one and covers about EVERYTHING...even hunters seeking hunters for relationships lol but they are THOUSANDS of posters on there...I bought my New Bow on there and sold my old Bow and a few other items on there.
    Archery talk
    Like GT said archery talk is probably the best one you will find. They cover about whatever you can think of that's archery related with very knowledgable posters on there. Like GT I have bought and sold stuff on there and you can find some really good deals on there. You can hit me up on there to I have the same user name on there
    Archery Talk
    Cool. Someone at church this morning suggested Archery Talk as well, so I'll give it a shot.

    GT - you mentioned buying and selling bows there. Do you set them up yourself? My local bow/gun guy will charge a lot more for work on a bow you didn't buy from him - he told me so. Part of me wants to go with him, b/c I need the local expertise. He seems to have Bear RTH packages (and Parker?) for 350 and up. 350-500 is pretty much going to be my max, release, arrows, practice target included so....
    Hey Hawkman, How you been? Been practicing on your SPURSUADER lol? Not sure how long you've been Bowhunting but it doesn't take alot of experience to tune your own Bow to your liking once you know 'YOUR' Bow...I do most everything myself...You can do most all of it yourself with a Bow T-Square and set of Allen wrenches. Some of the Newer Bows have the option of Changing Draw Length ETC without even a Bow Press but If your not comfortable doing it yourself then definitely have a Bow shop do it...The Bows I have sold were either Bare or still set-up for me but like Sportsman stated...You ask any question you may have on AT and I'm sure you will get some great Help!!! He mentioned Deals on there also...I sold my Camo ASSASSIN on there almost bare for $475 I think it was and Bought a NEW Black Ops ASSASSIN with the R.A.K Package with half Dozen free arrows Cut to size for $500 Total TMD (To My Door)..I already had the accessories I liked so I sold the R.A.K (Ready Aim Kill) BOWTECH Package on Ebay for $127.00 so I got a New Bow for around $375.00 Total...I also bought a $259 HHA Optimizer Lite Sight that was a week old on there for $90 Total in the Pack!! Check them out before you buy anything..You have plenty of time but I know what you mean about your Bow shop..My Old Bow shop was the same way...People would buy Walmart stuff and he would charge them to put in on when they would have came out cheaper just buying it from him to begin with....Business is Business...You will find once your on AT a while that some Guys spend $1500/$1800 on a Top of the line Bow...EVERY YEAR lol so you can Find deals!! Just know your specs (Draw length, Draw Weight ETC) before purchasing...Good Luck
    Hey Hawkman, you live about 1hour and 45 minutes from here but my bowsmith lives with me now. He doesn't have much time to be on the sportsman but his profile name is Inferno4me however he is now a Ben Pearson Pro staff shooter and is shooting Pearson bows.

    Members have come to him from Greensboro before to be properly set up. He is a regional rep for Pearson now. You might want to get in contact with him.

    Let me know. It's hard to find someone that really knows bows like he does. Full shop here at the house with shooting range.

    P.S. you can meet him at the Dixie Deer Classic if nothing else. He'll be at the Pearson Archery Booth.
    Another good site is have really enjoyed the forums and participating in the contest....
    Feeling bad!
    Guys! Thanks so much for your responses. I'm sorry for not getting back - I'm really trying to wrap up my schooling here (PhD, almost done). Is there a way to set up an email alert when someone posts a response? I'll have to look into it.

    Not sure where you are Viper - I'll check - but I got to Raleigh semi-frequently, so if you mean there, I can drop by. I'd like to meet you sometime as well (that goes for you too, GT, and others!).

    Like I said. I'm not buying a bow before April (unfortunately, I'll have to try for turkey with a bow next year!). I might be asking my wife for a graduation present .... :)
    Hawkman, my buddy has the same issues with draw length on bows as you do. I can't remember what your DL is but his is 32inch DL. He's been wanting a new bow for a while and has been looking for a Matthews Z9 because they go to 32 inches but he hasn't been able to pull the trigger cuz they are about a thousand bucks. Yesterday I was messin' around and saw a Bear Encounter which goes to 32 inch DL - I told him to check it out and you may want to also. You can see several of them on ebay - just thought I'd throw that out there.
    29? 31? 32?
    You know, I went online and found that formula where you divide your wingspan by 2.5 or whatever, and I think I come out ~32 give or take.

    However, I went in a local shop and the guy figured me, just by lookin at me, to be a 29D. Well, he had me pick up a recurve with an indexed 'arrow-shaft' fixed to the string, and draw on it. It was over 30 I remember. Maybe 31 or 32, but he said to me that I was 'over' drawing - kind of pulling my hands back, sticking my chest out. He told me to keep a little bend in my lead elbow, and when I looked at the scale, I'll be darned. I was a 29.

    I would like a 2nd opinion from someone I can trust.
    I tell ya Hawk..That formula with you in a corner, Back flat to wall and touching corner with arms stretched normal will get you dead-nuts to where you need to be.
    Using that formula remember to subtract for a loop if using one with a release. about a 1/2 inch.
    78/2.5 = 31.2'
    I put one fingertip in the corner and my daughter marked the location of my other fingertip, with my back to the wall, palms out. We measured directly along the wall, and got 78' This gets me to 31.2. I think it was loop's mention of subtracting a half inch for a loop?

    I saw a guy on youtube say to measure across your chest, and he even had his hands pulled back, puffing out his chest. I bet I could get to a 35' draw if I did that. I don't think it's right.

    I think I'd want to be fitted for my first bow, we'll see.
    Yeah, That would be best to get fitted with a Bow..But You don't want your chest puffed out. Can't remember if you stated your hieght but with a 31+ DL, I'm guessing your over 6 foot? That will help you from having to get your arrows cut down lol...WEll Good Luck and keep us posted
    Draw Length
    Hey Hawkman....29 inch draw sounds about right. I'm almost 6'-3' with Orangutan arms and my draw is 29 inches. Proper stance at full draw is having your lead elbow relaxed. In doing this your less likely to torque the bow which comprises accuracy. A relaxed elbow also brings your lead arm away from the path of the string. People talk about the string slapping their arm or hitting their clothing on their forward arm, all this is caused by over drawing the bow.

    As far as arrow sizing goes. Some folks like to cut those arrows as short as they can get them to increase speed however this can lead to some nasty injuries. I like to keep that broad head out in front of my index finger which is a inch longer arrow than I could have. Just remember the longer the arrow....the more stable and accurate the arrow will be in flight.

    My draw is 29 inches but I shoot a 28.5 inch arrow using an overdraw rest.
    6 foot four
    I did forget to mention height. I am 6'4'.

    I might still go to this guy to get fitted for my first bow. I'd like some feedback on him first, as most people I know tend to go to Terry's Archery b/w Washington and New Bern, off of Hwy 17. (The guy in Washington I'm talking about it is Tracy warren of Warren's Sports downtown).

    Oh, and good advice on all that DL, arrow length, injury stuff!