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  • New Mossberg 500 swivel bolt issue solved!

    Okay, I admit that I'm feeling just a little extra proud of myself even though it wasn't a matter or rocket science or any other display of amazing human feat.

    My Mossberg 500 that I just bought 2 weeks ago needed a sling. Not a problem right?

    WRONG! My Mossberg has a big difference between the magazine end than the older ones> Instead of a cap that goes on the end of the magazine, it has a bolt instead. The bolt has a round head with ridges similar to the edge of a dime or quarter.

    It stays on the barrle flage by means of a locking nut on the inside threads which thread into the hole in the end of an otherwise solid ended magazine. This bolt is pre tapped and threaded on the head for a swivel eye.

    Am I saying this in a way that makes sense? The magazine does not use a standard cap, but a bolt threads into the end of the magazine. A swivel eye bolt then threads into the magazine bolt.

    Well apparently, NOBODY carries a sling swivel set that threads into the bolt. Cannot buy just the eye bolt with machine threads, cannot buy a swivel with adaptor>

    What I can buy is a whole new ' Uncle Mike's' bolt from Cheaper than dirt for $25.99 plus $12.00 shipping and handling. Plus waiting 3 or 4 weeks for it to arrive.

    So here's what I did. Took the barrel off and carried to my local outfitter - who also does not have and cannot order a swivel for my gun - and looked at swivel sets.

    WEll, a Winchester 1' swivel & stud set ( part #99740 - bolt action rifle) will work with small modification to the swivel bolt. No modification at all to the Mossberg.

    The machine thread swivel bolt is 7/8' long. The Mossberg takes a 1/4' long bolt.

    Solution: I cut the eye bolt down to a 1/4' , filed the threads smooth and burr free and
    TAH - DAH!

    We are in buisness!

    Again, no major gun smithing on my part and nothing requiring a degree in engineering....but I am proud I did not have to spend $38.00 when all I needed was a $1.47 eye bolt.

    Okay, that's it! :)
    Sharing Forum
    Thanks for sharing that Scoutfish. That's the nice thing about this site. If you have a problem....ask because someone has had the same one before and will have an answer for you. This info will come in handy to someone.
    500 sling
    Scoutfish, That's GREAT!! I know exactly what your talking about because I have had a newer 500 but I did find this gizmo to mount a sling but I think I still paid like $15 for it...Sounds like you DIY method was cheaper lol...Thanks
    thread size
    From what I could tell from looking at all the different 'Uncle Mike's ' kits, the thread size/type is standard between all the manufacturers.

    Either you have a cap with machine thread or course wood threads and for stocks, they just have the course wood threads.

    I could have bought a pack of 12 count 1/4' eye bolts, but it still would have cost $12.00 plus an additional $12.99 s&h.

    I bought the quick dettach 1' swivels ( for bolt action rifle) , and eye bolts from WalMart for $5.99.
    How does it mount?
    Does that slide over the barrel or does it go between the magazine bolt head and barrel ring?
    Sling mount
    You take the Cap off like your taking Gun apart and this gizmo goes on then you re-install the cap. It has little indentions so you can position it where you like and once you snug Cap back on it doesn't move.
    No cap
    Mine doesn't have a cap per se.

    I have a bolt instead of the cap. Top of bolt is pre threaded for a swivel eye bolt.

    Got a few photos of it after I shortened the bolt to 1/4' and installed it
    The Knob
    Yeah that looks similar to the 500 I had the best I can recall...Isn't that Big knurled part the cap that holds gun together? What you have there doesn't look bad though...Nice work.
    Yeah, that's it
    I guess that when you say cap, I am picturing the old style Cap that screwed in over the magazine instead of threaded into the magazine.
    Kinda like this one.
    E-Mail from Mossberg
    JUst got an e-mail from Mossberg about 30 minutes ago. They are shipping me an of charge.