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  • Charles Daly shotguns

    I occasionally glance ythrough online sales sites and classified like Armslist and craigslist , among others.

    Every now and then, I see a Charles Daly shotgun for sale ortrade. Never heard of them before this year.

    Thinking about maybe getting a 20 gauge pump for my son and saw a good nprice on a Charles Daly 20 ga pump.

    So, are these guns reliable?
    Reputable? Or total junk?

    I wanted to get something afforable, but not cheap, if you know what I mean.

    So, what is your experience with them?

    Thanks, Mark
    CD Shotguns
    My hunting/Trapping Buddy got his son a CD Auto for Duck hunting and in less than a Week the little arm that grabs the shell to get it out and ready for another 1 Broke off...They fixed it for free and in a Fast time. It's a OK Gun if you want to introduce a Kid to a Automatic Shotgun..They are nothing fancy and most people buy them for the Price only to regret it once it's in thier hands or in the Field..As soon as you pick it up you can feel the lack of Quality and craftsmanship or at least I can...Walmart sells them so I would suggest going and checking 1 out before buying 1 blind...As Far as the best Gun for the Money...I'll choose the Made in the USA MOSSBERG every time!!!! I've put mine to the test lately beside of Beretta's and Benelli's and NO Complaints!!!
    It would be a pump
    Not that it matters , I suppose.

    I'd rather get him a Maverick 88 or a used 500.
    But since I am also trying to barter with a 18 volt DeWalt circular saw I have that I hardly ever used....I am limited to the guns people put up for trade on the web sites like Armslist.

    Incidentally, I finally got around to shooting my newest Mosberg just the other day. My son loved it. First time he ever shot a pump before. Only shotgun he ever shot before was a break action.

    Video is shooting last 3 of 25 shells put through it.
    I don't know anything about the Charles Daly but just thought I'd say that I bought a youth model 20ga Mossberg pump about 12 yrs ago and have no complaints. Both of my kids have used it and we've had absolutely no problems with it. It came with a card to send in with the youth stock so they will send you an adult stock for free but I will never send off for it cuz I'm gonna leave just like it is.
    I've been trying to find a .22 Hornet but right now folks are losing the minds on all rifles whether their in the 'ban list' or not. lol
    Don't do it
    I'd stay away from charles daly guns. Charles Daly aka (KBI) is out of business and there guns are crap imo. I have had a charles daly field 3' semi auto for about 6 years and thought it was a decent, dependable shotgun until a few weeks ago when I was out crow hunting. The bolt handle sheared off while I was shooting, after about a half box of shells. If you google 'charles daly broken' you will see that it is a common issue. You can supposedly order the peices to fix it from numrich, but it would likely happen again and again.
    Charles Daly Shotguns
    They are popular priced guns... look for an older Remington 870 Wingmaster in 20 ga. The older ones are great guns if you want a pump...or a used Remington 1100 Youth Model for an autoloader.
    Response to Charles Daly Shotgun
    I had an automatic and it was great until the action bar broke. After that it was extremely hard to find any parts for it since the company shutdown (that's what I was told). My dad got me a Remington 870 pump when I was 14 and I still use it til this day. That was 20 years ago. I would recommend an 870 only because if something does happen to your Charles Daly you will pull your hair out trying to find parts for it.