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  • Favorite Recipes?!?! Wild edition

    Figured since it was the off-season we all might share the final products of our 2012 season. THE GROCERIES IN THE FREEZER!!

    Add your favorite or most recent wild game dishes in comments! It'll be a good way for everyone to share new ways to enjoy the bounty of the hunting season.

    Have been trying to get as much wild on the table as I can lately.

    Two weeks ago:
    Homemade stew with the velvet bow 8pt... Chunk stew meat with taters, rutabaga, corn, tomatoes, celery, kidney beans, and beef broth.
    Pan-fried Lake James squriell hams with black beans and corn.
    Fried game lands turkey fingers with brussel sprouts and brown rice.

    Last week:
    Caribbean jerk smoked turkey breast with wild rice and broccoli
    Meatloaf with the buck from Mitchell River game lands.
    Linville Gorge bear backstraps on the grill with taters and onions
    Tempura fried Vermillion Snapper filets caught this summer in Charleston with a California sushi roll.

    This week:
    Rolled pepper and onion meatballs from the Mitchell River buck with broccoli and corn.
    Tonight was baja citrus backstrap fajitas with onions, peppers, black beans, corn,rice, and chipotle cream.

    If it got any better I couldn't stand it!!

    Does anyone else have some of their favorite wild recipes or dishes that they just can't go without?!?!?
    mmmm sounds good
    I don't have any recipes that sound that good,but I did fix a deer roast in the crock pot last week that was pretty tasty.And my Mom fixed a couple of the squirrels I killed with bisquits and gravy when I went down to the coast to deer hunt with my Dad in December.I'll have to say they were pretty dang good too.
    Have you ever done any crappie fishing at night on Lake James?
    Diane, even though I grew up on the lake I never really have caught many crappie. The fish are on the decline from what they used to be when I was little. My grandpa used to tell me about catching over 60 a day way back when, but now people are happy just to catch a few. I always seemed to get a few while hitting the walleye in April/may. But now even the walleye are getting fewer and fewer. Everywhere I have caught walleye for 15 years are dry and all you can catch is dozens of those dang white perch, which just showed up in the pasts 3 or4 years. The white perch are definitely having an impact on all the other fish in the lake IMO.
    Here's my Jerky recipe I've perfected over a few years. I like the jerky thick....kind of like kippered.

    Deer Jerky by Jeff
    A awesome venison jerky that you can make and be the envy of your friends in your food dehydrator, you can dry the jerky @ 155 degrees for 4 hours. ________________________________________
    2 venison hams / roast
    16 tablespoons soy sauce
    16 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
    8 tablespoons liquid smoke flavoring
    4 tablespoons barbeque sauce 2 teaspoon pepper
    2 teaspoon garlic powder
    2 teaspoon onion powder
    2 teaspoon salt
    4 tablespoons crushed red peppers
    2 teaspoon Chipotle Chile Pepper

    Note: double receipt for 4 deer hams

    1 Slice meat into long strips, 1 to 2 inch wide and 1/4 inch
    thick. In a large pot, combine all the above ingredients
    Refrigerate for 48 hours. Stir occasionally, to evenly distribute marinade.
    2 Set dehydrator to 155 degrees.
    3 Place meat strips on a rack so that they do not touch
    each other, and dehydrate for 4 1/2 to 5 hours in the dehydrator, or
    until desired texture and moisture content is achieved.

    Once this is complete: reload gun to fight off attackers.
    Salt n Pepper.
    Rabbits hot and rabbits cold
    Rabbits young and rabbits old
    Rabbits tender and rabbits tough
    Thank the Lord there are rabbits enough!

    This is what a kid sang to Jefferson Davis when his party stopped to ask him for directions during their retreat to Charlotte 1865. Somewhere south of Greensboro. Probably Lexington.

    I will get the Cooter Stew recipe from my mom when I get back home! I remember eating as a kid. My cousin caught a snapping turtle from the pond and it was as big as a trash can lid. He drug it up in the yard with a john deer lawn mower. My grandma cut its head off with pretty much one swipe of a knife. I remember her cleaning it, fussing about the bones. And a few may have gotten in the pot. But, remember it being very good. A milk based stew with butter, salt n pepper.
    Viper your jerky recipe sounds almost identical to mine! I made 5 whole hams into jerky this year and once x-mas came it was GONE...... I will say that my electric food slicer is awesome! I can slice a whole ham to the perfect thickness against the grain in less than ten minutes. Once I get to the end of the muscle I throw the odd pieces into the grinder with the other grinder meat. If you don't have a slicer I would highly recommend one!!