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    Well folks here is another new product for archery hunters on the market. I haven't checked into the price but I'm sure it's not cheap!

    The only problem I see with it is arrow drag. It weighs 38 grains which a guesstimate would slow the arrow 15-20 feet per second. You would also need one on your arrow for practice because it will change your sight tape and or pins setting.

    Interesting though!
    Is that red 'chip' supposed to come off as the arrow passes through, or does it remain fixed to the arrowhead?

    In addition to the loss of arrow performance described by the OP, if it remains with the arrow, that won't be much help if it passes through, except for getting your arrow back. And it isn't a 'tracking' system is it? It alerts you if you are close?
    Red Chip
    Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. Yeah, that red chip has a hook like barb on it and is supposed to stick in the hide as the arrow passes! First thing penetration resistance as that thing has to break off in the hide. Adding 38 grains to the front of an arrow is a lot of weight, not to mention air drag on the arrow in flight.!

    Watch the video when they show that red chip up close on the front of the arrow. Then keep in mind how important it is to tune your 3 blade broad head to your 3 vanes on the back of the arrow. CAN'T DO THAT WITH THIS THING!

    Heck I even quit using tracer knocks because of the imbalance they create at distance.

    You wont find me shooting them!
    Looks like something fancy for those that have more money than sense. lol