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  • Where to freshwater fish living in Greenville NC?!?

    I have tried fishing in the River Park North Lake in Greenville, NC, and have also tried fishing in the Tar River in Greenville, NC also. I haven't had any luck with with either spots and wouldn't mind traveling an hour or so to a better location.

    Does anybody know of a better location to fish freshwater during these winter months?!?
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    The Tar River, Roanoke River should be heating up in a month or so with some great Rock/Stripper action. Also you might look a little south to the Northeast Cape Fear River which has some decent black bass fishing.
    Thanks for your quick and helpful response!
    Thanks for your advice and quick response viperx4!
    I am a beginner fisherman and only know so much, but was wondering how exactly do you fish for Rock/Stripper in either the Tar River or Roanoke River, what bait should you use/the in's and out's of ways to catch them?

    Thanks again!
    Live Bait
    Rock fishing these rivers can be done with artificial lures with shad minnow shapes however I prefer live bait. I use large minnows fished on a carolina type rig with a eggs weight. Drift fishing this set up bouncing along the bottom.

    Be sure to check out the fishing regulations for rock/stripper though because there are creel limits and slot sizes. These are protected fish due to trying to get the numbers up and the seasons and regs change all the time.

    Go to this web site for information:
    Hey G'ville angler. Are you bank fishing or fishing from a boat? Either way you are in a good area. River wise. You have the Neuse, Tar, and Roanoke. All are productive rivers. Before the Stripers begin there run you should give the (Hickory and American)shad a try. This is a good fish to target for a begginer. They are migratory and they do have creel limits. But are a blast to catch. They will begin their spring run in late Feb.and continue thru March or later. All you need is a shad dart or a spoon. Go to your local bait store and ask him what is prefered in you area. They are reactive bitters. Use a light weight spinning reel with light line and hang on for an amazing fight. Note: Not the best fish to eat but a great catch and release fish. Good Luck!!
    Appreciate all the advice 'Tagone', and 'Viperx4'
    I will be fishing from the bank in either of these rivers, but most likely the Tar because it's a lot closer.

    Do you think it would be best to wait till late february to even fish in these rivers, or would anything bite this weekend(Early February), especially on a warmer day?
    Man Winter Fishing can be tough.Probably your best bet will be crappie. Just get you some minnows or crappie jigs walk the banks and look for some trees that have fallen into the river. I have not fished the Tar past Rocky Mount though. I am sure you can pick up a fish here and there. Just be patient and enjoy the day. Look for Mill Ponds that allow fishing. Often they will have some boat rentals. I have caught a ton of crappie in mill ponds from the bank and from a boat. My best crappie hole was beneath a bridge that crossed a mill pond. Casting from the bank to the pilings. Most of my eastern NC fishing was by boat with my dad. Fishing the Scuppernong, Roanoke, Cashie, Chowan, and Alligator rivers.