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  • buying guns out of state

    So, I am thinking I might make a run to Bass Pro Shop in the next couple months. Pretty decent prices on some shotguns and make a whole day trip out of it too. Kinda a one day mini getaway of sorts.

    Now, I live in Jacksonville, NC, but the Myrtle Beach, SC Bass Pro Shop is at least 2 1/2 hours closer to me than the Concord Mills, NC BPS.

    SO, what do the laws say about buying a gun in SC and transporting it back to NC.
    I mean, if I was moving , it would be different circumstances>

    I have n dubt the federal paperwork would be the same, but what about on the state level?

    In reallity, as long as I don't get pulled for speeding and anything along tose lines, nobody would ever know...but we know how Murphy's law works - I'd get caught in a random trafficstop/ licnse check/ vehicle search.

    So, what can you tell me?
    Not sure about Guns other than probably higher Taxes? I will say that a few friends of mine here in North Carolina traveled to South Carolina, Rock Hill to be exact because a certain ATV dealer sells ATVs with NO Sales tax!!! Even after they advertised 'No Sales tax for out-of-state Buyers'...Well my friends didn't have to pay any Sales tax then but after leaving their Information with the dealer...A few weeks later, BOTH of them received letters stating that they were indeed responsible for paying the Taxes on thier purchases...So I would read the fine print and ask alot of questions and I would definitely Call ahead to see what was on hand because I was at the Bass Pro in concord a few weeks ago and you could see a good size cavity in the Gun Display...Also, being out of State, the Background Check might take longer...I know at our Turkey banquets, The people that Win the Guns by Prize or Auction have to clear a background check before they are issued the Gun in Question as their own....A better alternative would be to check out and deal face to face if you find something your interested in...I have sold a few Guns on there and always meet them at a Public Place like a restaurant Parking Lot ETC because you never know who might show back up at your house...I deal face to face and Don't trust many people!!! I let some Guys come and look at a ATV once from Craigslist and I happen to recognize one of them and 2 Nights Later, the same Guys Stole it from me but I knew exactly where to go and Found my ATV and the Police didn't do nothing...If I had to do it over again, I would have just....Well I'm not gonna say what I would have done But Good Luck!!!
    Live chat
    I started a live chat session with a tech from Bass Pro, and he apologized and told me he didn't have a clue. Gave me the store number to call.

    If I go, it wouldn't so much be a special trip to buy a gun, just a trip to go. But if I they have the gun in stock, I'd buy it.

    THis trip would kinda be a 1 day minature getaway vacation for me if that makes sense.
    Cheaper than NASCAR, don't have to get a room for 2 or 3 nights, not taking a week off of work....biggest expense outside of shopping would be the gas.