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  • new years eve

    Have had 5 bucks chasing last 2 weeks.Sure would be nice to hunt the last day,but our last day was 3 weeks ago,unlike the rest of the state.
    It is a shame.
    I was so glad when they made forsyth and stokes go until Jan. 1st. It was a good move for the commission. It is a shame the commission makes decisions about things like seasons on a yearly basis. They should make decisions about harvest and season length mid season to counter things like this! This year has been unusual! With the counties hardest hit by blue tongue having the season go out the earliest. Lets face it. Those hunters are by default going to see less deer. So if any hunter filled all their tags it is a miracle. I believe the hunters should have more time for success. They paid for the tags, same as everyone! The commission should have recognized this, and mid season, extended those sections to Jan 1st. Matter of fact, Why not extend all of them to FEB 1st. I paid for tags never filled, and if I didn't fill them all. Then, I know a lot more didn't either! Because, of being jobless, I have spent as much time in the woods as any retiree! I bet the number crunch later will prove it! And, you know the commission realized it early on, as we have!
    This photo is proof that the herd still needs thinning! If there wasn't so many does to breed. All the dominant bucks wouldn't be in such bad shape from breeding for such long periods. This buck isn't even the most dominant one around. The big boy probably ran himself to death! And now this doe was bred by a younger one, who would've normally had to watch! Even though he doesn't look like he has bad genetics.
    I realize this may be a little too much to ask, being the commission is probably like so many other programs, effected by the budget cut backs! I have a cousin, who lost his job of years of service. And now works at walmart, and is taking a community college course for becoming a wildlife official. Maybe if more common folk get more involved, then common problems will get addressed more! I bet the important people higher up, never read us common folks posts, so we aren't helping much with their decisions. There's too much red tape in the way, anyway! But, I know they want all of us to fill our tags. Or they wouldn't give them to us. Maybe we should put in for Kansas tags next year, like most of the higher ups already do! Until they catch up to other states management programs and trophy potential. Save our money!
    Sorry, I am just starting to going thru deer hunting withdrawals! LOL
    Western season
    I have said for years that the western season should at least have a late archery after rifle season to bring our season in line with the rest of the state. At least that way we would have an opportunity to hunt and not have to travel hours from home to find deer on foreign ground.
    The beauty of having a late archery season is that it wouldn't affect the late bear season by having a bunch of guys shoot deer with rifles over dogs under the guise of bear hunting.

    Just my two cents but I've been talking about this with people for a long time and haven't had anyone come up with a drawback to this kind of plan.

    It's not asking for anything crazy, just to have the same opportunities that every other region gets.

    What do you guys think???
    Western Seasons
    Not sure of the reasons behind their decision to cut it off earlier but that stinks lol......A late archery only season would be awesome in my opinion....
    Don't know anything about the Western Seasons or bear hunting but it does seem that the late archery season would be a good idea.
    Tell all of your hunting buddies to make sure that they call in and tag every deer so NC Wildlife knows/sees that the deer pop is high. Not sure that's why the decision was made but just saying.