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  • Attracting Deer with scent

    In a different thread, I questioned the real effectiveness of using scent blockers based on how WE use them.

    This may have been covered already,... a previous thread - but I didn't really feel like digging and digging to find it.

    So - I'm thinking about using vanilla extract or some variation of vanilla and water mix to use to attract deer.

    Maybe spray it on some trees and the ground about 20 yards from my stand or even spray it on the base of my stand to bring deer in closer.

    Anybody ever try this?

    Was it successful?

    Did you use something else - other than urine - that is?

    Something homemade?

    Thanks, Mark
    Yeah it works
    Scoutfish...Vanilla is a great scent to use and deer will come to it but in my opinion it's more out of curiosity But yeah it will work...Buck Bomb as a vanilla scent and Dan Fitzgerald outdoors sells a product called nilla-Killa or something like that lol...I remember the first time I was persuaded enough to try the C'Mere deer and the very First thing that came to mind when I opened the Lid was...Vanilla Extract lol..Good Luck
    As long as it works
    Doesn't matter to me if it's about curiousity or they want to help bake a cake! :)

    Just as long as it brings them into range.
    Hmmm, So why ask for opinions? It's only 0.89 a bottle a Big Lots....Try it????? And let us know!!lol
    Not what I meant....
    I'm just saying, if it brings them out and brings them closer...I'm happy. It means it works.

    Wether they eat it or if they are just long as it draws them out.

    Not saying I don't care why it draws them out...I find it interesting and helps me learn more of their nature...but the more important thing is that it does work.
    That's Cool..I see in your profile that your relatively New to hunting so I'll say this...If you do your homework in the timber and watch the wind then you don't need any of the 1000's of Gimmicks that are on the Market to be successful...Deer are creatures of habit and unless disturbed have a daily grind much like us but during the RUT, Everything goes hay-wire in the Deer world...I have seen them do some crazy things while thinking with the wrong head...Just enjoy the outdoors and be patient...You time will come if you put the effort in...Seems everyone wants a easy T.V. hunt and fall for such items...Not saying they don't work at times but in all honesty like I've said before..I believe you could put a dog turd in a Box with a Big buck on it and it will sale.