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  • Trapping in the Midlands

    Chris Warren, Tracy O'Neal Leviner and Mikey Colboth have been having a lot of success trapping on private land in the midlands, especially in Sumter County.

    Coyotes, possums, red and gray foxes, and raccoons have all fallen victim to the trio's traplines in the past few days. They have caught mulitples of each on several occasions, mostly using soft-jaw foot hold traps baited with Palmetto Red Lure, all purchased from Palmetto Trapline Supply in Bishopville.

    The main intended target for these trappers has been coyotes, as these non-native predators negatively impact deer fawn survival. 'We've been trapping some good land that hasn't been trapped in a while,' Warren said. 'People would be surprised to know what is on their land because these animals are mainly active throughout the night and stay hidden so well in daylight hours.'

    If you have predators on your land you'd like to get rid of, or would like to find out if you do, give Warren a call at Big Country Outdoors 803-840-5184.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter