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    By: Ramon Bell, President, North Carolina Bowhunters Association

    Every hunter should be covered by a hunter liability insurance policy, no matter where they hunt. Here's why. Our (NCBA’s) insurance representative told me that the most common claim they receive results from damage (or injury) resulting from a deer being shot, then running across a road and being struck by a motor vehicle. Were you aware that the hunter can be held civilly liable in these instances? Any damage done by a deer after you shoot it, or even shoot at it, can be the basis for a civil claim or law suit against you. We are not so much concerned with the accidental shooting of another hunter or livestock with a bow and arrow. It just doesn’t happen at the close ranges of a bowhunter. But it does happen on occasion with firearms at longer ranges through mistaken identity. We had a case a few years ago where a NCBA member shot a neighbor's dog, mistaking it for a coyote. He was not sued, but the neighbor did sign a criminal warrant on him for some minor violation. Hunter liability insurance does not cover violations of the law. Another NCBA member shot a doe with his muzzle loader and the deer ran over 300 yards before expiring. He trailed and found it dead, lying on the centerline of a two-lane paved rural highway. The point is that incidents happen that can put any hunter in a position to be the defendant in a civil suit.

    NCBA annual membership carries $100,000 in hunter liability insurance that covers bow and gun hunting civil claims as long as your membership is ACTIVE at the time the incident occurs. If you place your hunting properties in the BCRS program, you and the landowner are also covered for up to $2 million for bowhunting only. The only requirement is that all hunters on that property must be NCBA & BCRS certified members. You retain complete control of who hunts the property and when, and the terms and details of the BCRS agreement are strictly confidential.

    Questions? Contact me at or Dennis McClure at . For more information on joining NCBA and the BCRS program, go to our website at and click on the 'BCRS' link or the 'Join the NCBA' link.
    I totally support your role with the NCBA and all of the great things you do. That said and no offense intended but the day I pay for insurance to cover myself acting in a responsable capacity is the day I quit hunting. We all know that being sued civilly is common place these days but... no thanks - I guess I'll keep rolling the dice