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  • Dulling a shiny sheen

    Just bought a Mossberg 500 on Friday .

    Local gun shop was having a huge sale.

    Was originally planning on buying a Rem 870 , but being the idiot I was, I waited til around 4:00pm to they sold out of every Remington 870 and 877 they had except a few tacticals.

    So anyways, I bought one of the VERY FEW remaining Mossberg 500's. Pretty nice gun too.

    The only thing I do not like about the gun is the VERY, VERY high gloss finish of the stock and fore grip.

    Granted...if the shiny, glossy finish of this gu is my downfall while hunting - no doubt I have bigger problems in concealing myself from deer and turkey, right?

    But still, when I think of guns...I think muted colors and flat finishes on them.

    So I am thinking either buying that Mossy oak camo kit :

    or thinking about taking some steel wool and buffing down the stock and foregrip and using a sanding sealer with a duller finish on it. Maybe even uses a black stain on the wood.

    Naturally, I do not want to screw up the gun.

    Anybody ever do this before?

    I can live with the gun the way it is, but would prefer something that is not so....flashy!

    Thanks - Mark
    Shiny gun
    I bought SW shotgun years ago! And it was pretty and shiny. I just couldn't bring myself to putting camo tape on it. I bought a camo sleave. Don't remember the manufacturer but it had elastic on end and it was a little loose but was like putting a shirt over it. It had ejection hole. And trigger hole.
    ScoutFish..I think you did great!! I love the made in the USA Mossbergs and in my opinion, The newer 870s aint what they are known for...Depending on what you paid for the Gun...You could always have it dipped in the camo of your choice...It's a quick turn around time also....On a side note..My 930 Mossberg has never let me down unlike my biddies $1500 Duck Gun that jammed twice while we were Quail hunting last year...Just saying, I will put a Mossberg up against any of them...also If it's only the Stock and forend that shines...Check Ebay for a Camo replacement but the Socks CRH speaks of are made by ALLEN and HS Strut...again...Ebay!!!...Good Luck
    Saw something online after reading your comment. It was a stretchy sock like thing, and you cut out for your trigger and ejection slot. But said you had too cut a huge chunck out for a pump.

    Of course the down side is that the part I'd have to cut out for the pump grip is also the very shiny spot I want to cover up.

    Again, I realize that if I spook a deer, turkey, dove, ect because it saw the shine of my grip or stock..then I have bigger concealm,ent issues anyways.

    Maybe I should just get out the Krylon!

    JUst kidding.....I wouldn't do that! :)