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  • 2 more nice Beavers...Trapping is great exercise lol

    Ran Trap line again today and caught 2 more Beavers...We pulled Traps and re-set because we don't want to take take them all from this area because it's our Duck Pond also in the Timber...No otters which surprised me but that's that way it goes...BTW, Check out the Cool Hoodie that a fellow Poster got me for Christmas!!! She is soooo Sweeet lol...I Think we will have another great night trapping after we moved all the Traps...Total Now is:

    4 Beavers
    1 Otter
    7 Raccoons
    1 Red Fox
    wow,you're really doing good with that trapping business of yours,lol.What do you do with the animals you trap until you sell them?Just curious about the process.
    That really is a sweet hoodie.
    LOL Yeah It is a sweeet Hoodie!! Someone knew I loved Forest Green huh? lol We freeze them until we have several. I'm excited about in the morning..Gonna Duck hunt rill about 9 and see what we got.
    Fashion model
    Now all you need is deluth trading CO. firehose pants. LOL