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  • Euro Advice

    I've heard a few of you giving advice on Euro's and read GT's 'how to' post and I've got a question.
    If the steam from boiling will make the antlers lose some of their color can you tape off the antlers to prevent any of that?
    I was thinking that maybe if I was to tape off the antlers from the base up that might prevent some of that. ???
    I don't know if tape would be a good thing. I would think the glue would melt from the heat and steam. My taxidermist cousin boils them in 'I think' boric acid on a low, low boil keeping the antlers out of the water because it will boil the color off.
    Justin I use Aluminum Foil and wrap it tight around the Antler Burr and about 4 inches up or so...I also take a thin piece of paneling and notch it out to keep what steam I can in the Pot...You don't need it boiling Hot or the Nose Bones will separate in the center...Once the water is boiling or close to it, Back off to a Good Simmer and that's all that is needed and Don't use Bleach to whiten the skull because it will eat the Bone where it's thin...You may still loose a little of the antler coloration but a dark wood stain will fix that..Just wipe it on and instantly wipe it back off until the Color is to you liking...These bases on this Deer of mine were HUGE and I had to touch them up...Can't even tell it!!!...Good Luck...It's a great accomplishment to DIY...My taxidermist gets $150!!! I was like WHAT???? I thought about putting a ad on Craigslist and offer the duty after he told me that lol
    Viper - you're probably right about the glue from the tape.
    GT - I'll try the foil and notched paneling you suggest. That probably a better idea than the tape.
    I'll let y'all know how it turns out. Thanx!
    step 2
    OK got 2 of my heads boiled and all of the meat, membrane, and whatever else cleaned off.
    So my next question - when I go to soak these in the peroxide solution, do you try to keep the bases out of that? I'm guessing that you soak the whole head and just touch up whatever you need to on the bases.
    Also what color stain do you usually use to do your touch ups?
    Yep, That's correct Justin. and any dark stain will work..It's hard to find the perfectly shaped container to keep the antler Burrs out but I have a drawer from my daughters old Fisher Price Coloring Table that works great...I still have to lay a small piece of rag to act as a wick between the antlers because depending on spread, it sometimes sticks out of the solution...Also If you would like..You can go to a beauty Salon and get the 80% Creme Type used for hair Colouring and brush it on completely and wrap Skull Minus Antlers in Clear Cling Wrap for a few days but be sure to get in covered good and WEAR GLOVES!!! You might have to do this process afew times but it works great also... Here's a few pics of the 1 my Buddy shot last Sat and another 1 that I'm doing for a pair of Waders that have already busted on me lol You can see about how much stain you'll need. The smaller 1 needs to soak some more but it was in ROUGH shape when I got it and still smells lol so I decided just to knock my buddies out first since he's inpatient lol
    euro update
    OK so here is what my DIY euro looks like so far after 6 days in the peroxide.
    I think the pic is somewhat deceptive cuz it still has some yellowish color especially in the cracks/crevices. How do you get the teeth to bleach white?
    The deer I had a taxidermist do last year is much whiter but I'm guessing that they use something else to make it that white. ?
    What ya think so far?
    looking good
    Looking good Justin. Will the teeth stay intact.I have a couple that were given to me and some of the teeth have fallen out.
    good question
    I'm a total novice at this so I'm assuming that the teeth will stay in. lol
    I've got to get that piebald hide tanned and Huntman's shoulder mount so I figured I'd try to do these on my own cuz I can't afford to have them done too. lol
    The guy I thought was going to do Huntman's shoulder mount broke his leg real bad (goes in for a 2nd surgery next week) so that ain't quite working out and I'm tryin' to figure out where I can afford to take it. For now, a friend is letting me keep it in his deep freezer until I get it figured out.
    European Mount
    Justin, Here's the 1 I just finished a few minutes ago for my friend...He shot this Buck a few weeks ago...If your worried about the stained teeth, You will need a dremel tool with a brush to get all the stains all the teeth and it's time consuming..This skull was pretty white after the peroxide solution but to speed up the process, I just taped the antlers off at the bases and painted it Flat White...Teeth and all...Can't really tell the difference in my opinion and it still looks great!!! Good Luck and share the finished mount.
    looks good
    That one looks good - mine is coming along OK. I've enjoyed doing it and learning something new.
    Do you do anything to the teeth to make them me secure? Mine seem loose but the teeth on the 1 I had done last year are tight. I thought about maybe some super glue along the inside gum line.
    I'll post a pic when I get these 2 finished. I think I'm gonna go ahead and spray some flat white on them as you suggested.
    Yeah Justin I have seen some loose teeth but not to where they would fall out? I have did a few that had the Tooth Root would be showing through the Jaw Bone...had to be painful to them? Anyway, Yeah just give them a few short Coats of Flat white and I think you will be happy with the results...I paint teeth and all and they look nice....I'm thinking about doing a Beaver lol