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  • The fishin queen is back,lol

    Deer season is over in Western NC so its time to get back to what i love,next to turkey hunting.
    A friend and I took off to Fontana Lake to do some fishing.
    The fishing started off slow but picked up when we decided to go to a spot where we have had a lot of luck in the past.
    Caught enough to bring a mess home,missed a few and threw a few back.Pretty good when you can catch a few fish in The middle of December.
    Great Job
    Diane, those are some great looking fish and a beautiful day to catch them.
    Sweeet Deal!! Like I told ya in text..That's the biggest Perch I have ever seen lol We Call them Raccoon Perch here but I have never seen 1 anywhere close to the size of that 1...That water looks awesome and very relaxing!!!
    That is a nice one. Very pretty lake, never been there. Steep drop offs, look deep!
    Thats a dang hawg of a raccoon perch. Biggest ive seen to GT. Congrats on a good day of fishing!!
    We don't catch any in the yadkin chain lakes big enough to eat. I've heard the ones up north are pretty good.
    Great lookin' catch. That looks like a beautiful area you're fishin'.
    Nice Catch
    Nice catch. I used to fish the deep lakes in CA for trout when the Lake waters turned over. That was around October and November out there but, the water being oxygenated top to bottom made for some good fishing.

    I'm not up to par with the NC mountain you know when the 'turn over' is?