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  • Man Oh Man What a Season

    Got up this morning and was struggling with going hunting or sleeping in a little. But I finally got going and was hoping to see a couple does to take to my butcher. Got to my stand later than usual - the sun had just barely started to light the ground just enough for me to see without the aid of my headlight. When I got to my stand and started to climb it was around 6:50 or so.
    I was about 30' up just sitting there reading a book, glancing up every now and again at squirrels running around. Around 7:45 movement caught the corner of my eye. This buck stepped out of the cutover behind me on my left and he was quartering toward me which would put him out in front of me if he kept coming.
    When he got to being on my hard left about 45yds away he looked right up at me and I thought I was busted for sure. But he put his head back down and took 2 or 3 steps and looked at me again. (This whole time I'm slipping my book into my bag which was on my right side.) He held his look on me for about 20 or 30 seconds (seemed like forever lol) and then proceeded on his path. As soon as his head went behind a tree I threw the Browning up and as soon I could see the crosshairs on his shoulder I squeezed the trigger.
    The shot was under 40yds and he dropped dead in his tracks at 7:50 this morning - never took another step. He is a 19.5 inch wide (inside) mainframe 8pt w/ a split G2 - the main beam on the left side was broken (probably from fighting) - didn't see that before the shot but really don't care. lol
    I was solo this morning w/ Huntman gone to school and the wife gone to work so I didn't have anyone around to take a pic of my handsome face w/ this bad boy. lol
    There were a couple of weeks when we weren't seeing any deer and then all of the sudden BAM. Huntman and I have had a great season and we're both on doe patrol now.
    Good luck everybody!
    Great buck Justin.You and your son really have had a great season.Goes to show you never know how its gonna turn out.Slow start,great finish.Congrats!!!
    Great Job Justin
    Man that is awesome! Glad you got him man. And a heckuva nice one at that. A deer like that this time of year is a blessing from the good Lord my friend. Its been a ghost town in the woods lately for me. Congrats buddy!!
    Thanx Mrs. D! You're 100% correct - you just never know what is going to happen or what in the world you'll see. Out of the 4 buck Huntman and I have harvested we only had one of them on cam and we were running 8 cams. I was starting to get kinda frustrated - we had several nice bucks on cam prior to ML season, then all of the sudden we couldn't hardly find any deer, and just as quickly everything turned around. lol My #1 goal was for Huntman to connect w/ a buck that had wall appeal and we did that and more.
    btw - what happened to your 3D shooting post? I was gonna comment and then it was just gone. Looked like fun. Were you sittin' down or was that just something beside you?

    Thanx LH! You're right about that man - I was thinking just that this morning about how blessed we've been this season. Ghost town is what it had been like for us but ya just never know when a buck might cruise through or get bumped by somebody. From one Justin to another - Good Luck bud!
    So happy for you's been a bad day. Found out my long time nieghbors 18 year old daughter was killed in a traffic accident last night. But God is with her and was also with you.

    Don't want to sound morbid but you're harvest is the best thing I have heard all day. I know your season has been a struggle. Huntman finding traction and now happy for you!
    Way to wrap up a season!
    Dude, you and your boy have had a season to remember! Will be hard to beat that 1! Congrats. I hope you can get some more slick-heads for the freezer but that is 1 nice buck. Reminds me a lot of the 1 I took this year. Same split g-2. I kinda like that broken main beam. Adds character and it gives that buck a story to tell. Great hunt for you, too. Way to go.
    Like arevels stated..That rack has mystery as to what happened and I also like that..Gives it that Bad S warrior look instead of Perfectly symmetrical sissy pampered city Deer look lol...Congrats Buddy...On your deer AND the job your doing with your son!!!!

    Hate to hear that Viper...I'll send 1 up for your neighbors!!!
    thanx fellas
    It has been a surreal season for us. Wish I could say that we do this every year but reality is that we have had some decent seasons but nothing ever like this one.

    Viper - so sorry to hear about your neighbor's daughter. My own daughter is 19 and I can't imagine the pain they must be feeling if I lost her.
    Nice job
    Great buck buddy and congrats on a good season. Not all seasons are so soak it up and have some fun knockin out those does!
    WAY TO GO!
    Way to Go justintime. That is what i am talking about.... Great season for sure but you know when you least expect it when it happens. Congrats on a wonderful season man
    I appreciate it fellas. I've been showing all of my hunting friends and some non-hunting friends the pics of our bucks. They're probably gettin' sick of me. lol It's really not bragging as much as I am so darn excited about the way things have panned out. I'll probably be a little less excited when I get the taxidermist's bill. lol
    We have one cape to be tanned, a shoulder mount, and 3 euro's to get done. I think I may try to do the euro's myself and see how they turn out.
    Thanx again!
    Hey's not's sharing your excitment with others. I'm sure you will talk about this for many years to come and we will hear this story again or reference of it...rightfully so! Great stories, thanks for sharing something you and Huntman will always have.

    I guess the measure of a great hunt or season is how long it stays fresh and current in your head. Praise be to God!