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  • Thought this was funny

    No doubt, some of you may have a fully wired , enclosed hunting blind with lights, AC and even a fridge..but the advertising of this is what I thought was funny.

    ' heater is a kerosene forced air heater that delivers up to 70,000 BTU of heat in your blind, deer stand, garage....'

    So, how far is your stand from an electric outlet?

    Exactly how much cord would you need to make it work?
    There wouldn't be enough room in my deerstand anyways, but even if there was...the constant roaring of the heater would probably garantee that deer would stay away.
    LOL.....that thing would put out so much heat that the deer would go to sheading their fur thinking it was summer.

    Hey at least then you could catch them in a 'summer patern'!
    lol I have a heater like this just not camo!! The Cord isn't worth a Flip unless that tank you see there has Kerosene lol It holds 5 Gallon and will last about 9 Hours so 4.5 hours in the morning and 4.5 in the evening in a stand and it will need re-filled anyway lol But Viper is Correct...These heaters will put out the heat, I remember having them on the side-lines at our Football games and if you got close at all you would know it lol The 120 Volt works the thermostat and Blower so that's true but you also need fuel lol....But Of Course you could also carry your Camo generator with you also LMBO!!!People will put Camo and a big Buck on anything and try and Sale it LOL!!!! Look at China...Put a Bone Collector Decal on everything and making BILLIONS!!!!
    Yeah, I know they run on kerosene, but still won't run without 1/2 a mile of extension cord too.

    I'd almost think the voltage drop would cause something to overheat and cause the thing to catch on fire.