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  • Online savings versus the gunshop

    So, I have found a few online sites that you can buy handguns, rifles and shotguns at various discounts.

    So, I have seen a few different variations of cetain modles that you can get a discount on.

    I even been looking at the yardsale sites too.

    Gotta admit, seen some great prices 'ASSUMING' the gun is in the condition they claim it is and works like it should.

    But you know.....there is alot to be said about holding a gun with your own hands and getting the feel of it.

    Sure, once you buy one Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870, well, you know what you have if you buy a econd one...normally - right?

    WEll, last night, the son and I went to our local outfitter and we looked at a Mossberg 500 ( wood stock with 28' barrel) and a Remington 870 with synthetic barrel and discovred something I did not expect:

    The synthetic stock Remington felt more solid than the Mossberg wood stock.

    Felt heavier and more balanced.

    I was surprised by that since all my past experience with syntetics was that they were lighter than wood.

    So, anyways, I prefer going in person and holding a gun I am going to buy - even if I pay more for it.

    What sayeth you?
    Test Drive
    I believe in the ole' test drive with everything I buy.

    My .270 WSM has a synthetic stock and it's pretty solid. I think the barrel is better floated than if it were wood!
    Scoutfish, I wouldn't buy a Gun unless I have had it in my hand!!! Also I have had Both and in recent years the quality of Remingtons has gone way down!!! Pick up a Older Gun versus a newer Gun and compare..For Example a older Remington 700 and a newer Remington whatever? Plastic Trigger Guards, Blind magazines, ETC Same with Winchester...I bought 1 of the last Winchester Model 70s before they stopped making them in New haven Connecticut and really was happy with it until I compared the Quality to the 40 Year old Model 70 I got from fellow Poster 'Bearice' The Newer 1 had plastic trigger Guard, No Barrel Sights, Plastic Stock with Blind magazine ETC and Cost twice as much as they used to? I would buy a Older Gun that has been took care of instead of the newer Over- Seas Crap!!! Just my Opinion...Oh BTW, Scopes..I Love a Aetec Simmons Scope and have 4 But The newer Aetec 'Master Series' are JUNK!!! Made in China and even though the older ones I have are made in the philippines, The quality is Night and day!!! I will add that Mossbergs are Made in the USA and have NEVER let me down!!!!!!
    I'd say you'd be OK to check them out at a store/gun shop and buy the exact same thing online.
    I bought my Browning A-Bolt for an absolute steal off of and also my son's .243 and another gun that is a xmas present so I can't mention what exactly it is yet. All 3 were listed with several pics, seller had an excellant rating, I already knew the guns (weight, action, etc) and I wasn't disappointed at all with any of them.
    If you look online you can find some pretty good deals - that might change with recent events - gun and ammo prices might go through the roof. I'll also say that there are some advatages to buying from a local gunshop cuz they get to know you and probably would go more out of their way to suggest things and assist with repairs or tweeking.
    Good luck whatever you decide.