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  • GOD Bless America!!!!!!! We Need You!!!!!!!

    What a sad day!!!! 20 innocent children Killed for no reason 12 Days before Christmas. I can't imagine what those families are going through. This world has turned it's back on GOD and we are doomed. These days we have Children having Children and then the Parents feel like they missed out on their own Childhood and do a poor job parenting. I also blame the Violent T.V. shows and these Damn Video Games where Kids just Blow people away all day while sucking down Energy drinks and fast food. Whatever keeps them occupied and outta your hair while you be a Kid again. There's NO Discipline or respect anymore. These days kids tell the Parents what to do and how to do it before they are even teens...I have seen it with my own eyes!!! at the County fair, At Food lion, at Walmart...It's everywhere!!!! then later in life when playtime is over and the kids are forced to face reality and defend for themselves, Some freak out and seek revenge because all of a sudden Life sucks and they want out and most start with the root of the problem like this 20 year old did and that was to Kill his own Mother!!! and then anyone 1 else that might have meant something to her and in this case...20 innocent children and anyone else in his way...SAD SAD SAD!!! When I was a child we prayed each morning at School and then said the Pledge of allegiance with 'One Nation Under GOD' Included!!! If we misbehaved, Then the Teachers would paddle our S in front of our friends and then when we got home we would get it again with a hickory switch!!! Our punishment wasn't getting our Phone took away or Computer or Ipod...It was our Bike or the Tire Swing Cut down!!! We slept with our windows up and doors open and walked alone at night because it was a better place and we knew GOD was watching out for us but these days this screwed up World thinks it can make it without God...Well? Think back a few years...13 killed at Columbine School in 1999... in 2007 34 killed at Virginia tech and Now 27 more Today...Not Counting others and 9/11.... ALL These Kids that will never have a chance in this world....terrible.....We are doomed because No God in Schools or Anywhere anymore and Now it's almost a Sin to say Merry Christmas..... Can this world make it without GOD..........NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My Opinion
    ANTNEE...Let me know if this post about the tragedy in Connecticut offends you also but it shouldn't because It's posted in opinions and responses and that's what I posted was my opinion...I also put it on Facebook just so you know...Take care......GT
    Well it didn't offend me.I didn't comment because you pretty much covered everything I was thinking.A Godless country is a country with no hope.Everybody tries so hard to be politically correct that they are just plain wrong.
    I agree
    Amen Brother
    so true
    That whole thing is so sad - my heart goes out to all of those affected - I just can't even imagine.
    I Just Heard About The Shooting late Last night on my Way Home From Work. It's Heart Breaking how in the World Can People be so Messed Up. Kids, They, Didn't Do Nothing The shooter, Nothing at All. My Prayers go Out To The Family's And All That Was Struck By This Since-less Act. America Seems to be going Down The Drain. Making Drugs Legel, Letting Gays Get Married, Getting Rid Of Relegion, and so many other Things. God And His Son Will protect Us All, But We Must Take some act to be A Good person With some kind of Moral Values, or we as a Nation Will go down The Tubes. I Wont get into the Gun Debut, but this is just what The Liberals needed to get rid of the 2nd ammendment for Good. God, I Hope im wrong.
    Farther from God, farther from Life
    No, Gobblintom. We can't make it without God and we keep getting farther from him and look where it is leading us. I couldn't agree more while I am only 29 and know what you mean. It's a shame that folks can't see it! We do it to ourselves. I am a gun and hunting enthusiast, believing that those things give fathers and children something to enjoy together but the video games the kids are given only pacify them to keep them out of the parents' hair and also give the kids a false sense of accomplishment. I am worried about raising my unborn son in this world when the wholesome things are being abused and then put under fire by the government and the media.
    A very sad day indeed for those parents and children. We gotta pray for them hard and hope this world will come back to God. Otherwise, we are doomed. Well, Jesus will return for us one day. We just have to do our best until then.
    Wish People would STOP!!! Blaming Guns!!!
    I still say video games and violent T.V. along with poor parenting are the culprit of such acts.

    The Columbine shooters that were 17 and 18 years old played such a game called 'DOOM' that was a Murdering blood filled Video game. There were reports that the massacre started after their parents took thier Video games away and would you believe that in 2011 there was a video game made to Reenact the Columbine Massacre??? Called the SUPER Columbine Massacre??? SICK!!!! And People wonder where people get such ideas to go out and shoot a school up....DUH!!!

    The 23 year old Virginia Tech Killer of 33 innocent people reportedly didn't play many videos games but did read alot of Violent Books and watched Dark Movies and listened to death Metal Music

    This Connecticut Killer was 20 years old and hobbies were Soccer, Skateboarding and...You Guessd it...Video games!!!

    It's only my opinion that we haven't seen the last of such acts and it's just sad!!! Somewhere Out there RIGHT NOW...There's a Semi-adult laying around the house playing Games and being pampered and thinking 'What would it be like if I really went out and really killed this many people today??? Hmmm... Mom, Called me useless and lazy..Think I'll start with her!!!!...I'm Just saying...Think what you want..You might think 'I Know my Child!!' And 'My Child would never do such a thing' but Isn't that the type that usually seems to do such senseless acts???

    Snow Ball headed for Hell is what this world is!!!!
    As mentioned by a few here.....the lack of God, good parenting, and violent video games, movies, books etc. all contribute to the issues of violence at hand.

    I as well as most people on this site love my hunting heritage. We can vote for a change and meet in the middle or stand our ground and eventually lose everything. Guns don't kill.....people do. And there are more non-hunters than hunters in this country.

    Assault type weapons were not designed to hunt game with, however the formats are changing over in the gun world. Do we really need a weapon capable of shooting 10, 15, 30 or 50 rounds to hunt! We all know it's crazies that get these weapons and give the innocent weapon a bad name, however we can't fix the crazy or even identify them at this point until it's too late.

    If the crazy people had no access to these weapons, the shootings would not stop but the casualty numbers would go down. I'm for arming teachers however, teachers I have spoke to don't want to be armed, they're non-hunters, anti gun.

    We can fight the majority and lose our hunting rifles, or we can meet them in the middle and do away with weapons of high capacity (rifles) which seem to be the weapons of choice.

    I side with assault weapon owners and their right to have guns but it has come a time when we don't need to carry military type weapons. We surely don't need them for hunting!

    Gun owners of all types need to secure their guns and if their guns are used in these mass killings, they should be charged as if they themselves did the shootings. Then they would lock their guns up better. (Not in the case of stolen guns that were documented by law enforcement).

    Anti-gun people need to be educated on the types of guns out there and their uses to better understand the hunters point of view and Hunters need to understand the families that have lost loved ones and their point of view!

    We can lose a little or it all! Just my 2 cents!
    Good Points Viper and I know your for Obama and all I have been seeing plastered on the television is How he is determined to take Guns and how he shed a tear over the Connecticut incident. Well... Guess What? I have shed many tears over the loss of those children and I do love my hunting heritage and I love the freedom to own Guns...Like you stated Guns Don't Kill...People Do!!! My Guns have never went off unless I was behind them but some people in this world as sad as it is think...Guns? Bad ALL Bad!! That's because like you stated, they haven't been taught any better...We only usually see the Bad side of such acts but what would the world be if we didn't have Guns???? Ban Assault weapons??? Connecticut did have such a ban...Did it work when some idiot freaked out???? I agree there's really No reason to have such a weapon but In my opinion this is thier way of 'Starting somewhere' with taking all guns.
    Like I said, 'lose a little or lose it all'!
    spot on GT
    as for the give a little or lose a lot... 'if you are willing to give up your freedoms for safety, you deserve neither freedom nor safety' not sure but I think Ben Franklin said this
    Well said GT !!