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  • Halloween Double

    My son and I, went hunting on Halloween. Being that he and I sit in separate stands on opposite ends of our hunting lease, we expected for at least one of us to see a deer because it was a perfect day to hunt. 10 mins after he got in his stand, a little buck walked out. He begged and begged to let him shoot it (through text) but I wouldn't let him because we don't really kill small bucks. After he settled down, I used my bleat can and a very nice 8 responds and trots out from the woodline. I bagged him, and I didn't expect for my son too see another deer after I shot but 3 does walk out behind him about 300 yards away. He told me they were there and 5 minutes after that, he informs me there's a small buck on his pile. Since I had shot the 8, I told him he could shoot the small buck. He shoots, and the deer dropped graveyard. This day was one of the most meaningful hunts my son and I have had, he and I sharing the excitement of killing a deer was great, to top it all off, we shared this feeling. It was a beautiful thing and I believe that little things like that is what hunting's about!
    PS. The 8 point I shot, was the same one my son had an encounter with a week before and my son actually shot him, but it was just a skim along the bucks back. If he would've aimed just a bit lower...Haha.