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  • 'E-15' Week on Our Website

    South Carolina Sportsman readers: All of this week I'll be posting articles on the EPA's recently approved 15% ethanol gasoline which is already showing up at stations in the Midwest. It is likely this new fuel may be in selected stations in the South in 2013.

    I've been researching this new fuel ever since the ethanol industry's lobby group 'Growth Energy' petitioned the EPA to increase the ethanol content in motor fuels to 15% in March, 2009.

    There are some very serious dangers of E15 that all consumers need to be aware of. It could serious damage or totally ruin marine engines and all off road engines and also damage 2012 and older passenger cars and light trucks along with motorcycles.

    If you'd like to know more about this new fuel, please read my website all this week to learn about it's DANGERS so you won't become a victim and cause extensive damage to your engines: