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  • Scent blockers - Waste of time?

    Scent blockers, scent detergents, scent absorbing fabric.....

    Does it even matter?

    Here's my thought on it: My nephew uses some brand of odor controling detergent that comes in a bright orange bottle ( if that helps any).

    Washes his clothes the night before we go hunting. Next morning at 5am, we get into my truck and ride over to our hunting area. We park my truck in my father-in-laws yard, walk past his pump house, past his workshop, around where his cats and chickens roam, across his brother's cornfield, and into the woods where the stand is.

    Okay, the brother's cornfield is constantly being traversed by a an oil leaking truck-ish looking thing, a handfull of their dogs as wells as the neighbors dogs, a few cats, some chickens and who knows what other natural animlas ( squirrels, foxes, deer, possums, raccons, etc....)

    Back to my truck: I have two dogs in my house: a Dachschund and a Basset/Blue Tick Coon Hound mix. They are house dogs that sit on the couch, they lay on the couch, they lay on the floor, they lay on the bed when they think they won't get caught. You know...they are pretty damn spoiled dogs.

    In turn, I also sit/lay on that couch, I sometimes stretch out on that floor. I definantly walk all over that floor. My son practically wallows all over the floor. WE both ride in my truck all the time.

    So, my point is: Between any smells of my house as well as my nephews house ( cooking, people, sweating, pets, trash, cleaners/ disinfectants, food, etc...)
    then add in the smell of my truck ( which I have been known to sweat in since I am too cheap to fix my A/C unit) then all the stuff we walk through....

    How exactly will that odor detergent help out?

    Now, I can totally understand using an odor blocking/ covering spray once you get to the stand, but at the same time, if you don't spray it on every spot you step on while walking across the every step of the stand again...or any other place you or your body effective is it?
    You may spray yourself, but every place you touched getting to that seating position now has your smell.

    We already know deer can smell between 100 to 150 times better than us, so those footsteps that are at the deer's lever are really pumping out the odor. Each step rung, etc on the way to the stand platform is also putting out that smell too.

    Hey! You didn't happen to swing by Hardee's or the 7-11 for a cup of coffee and a ham biscut on the way to your favorite hunting spot did you? Do you smoke or have you been in a place where a smoker has been? Even if nobody was smoking in line at the store, the odor is in their clothes. You can smell it. You can smell it better if you smell 100 time s better than a deer can.

    Sounds like the only people benefitting from odor blockers are the people who manufacture them.

    So I had an idea: Suppose I go out 3 months before deer season, and hang up one of the stinkiest, smelliest t shirts I have.

    A week later, I go and swap out that one for a brand new ripe, sweaty t shirt and again, hang it up next to my deerstand.

    You know, one I was wearing while cutting grass and using the weedeater during the middle of August.
    North Carolina is probably the humidity capitol of North wse are not holding back on stink!

    Every week, take the old shirt down and hang up a fresh stinky shirt up.
    I could keep this up right up to deer season.

    Come hunting time, the deer should be totally used to and comfortable with the smell.

    I figure that the first week, maybe two, they will be leary of the stand area, but eventually, they will soon figure out the smell has not presented any harm or danger to them. Soon, it is just a regular every day smell that is a complete part of their habitat. might be a little bit of work having to swap shirts every week...but after the first pre season of doing this,,,I wouldn't have to do it any more.
    WEll, maybe every 3 or 4 years or so, I might 'refresh' the stink to keep it 'normal' .

    Okay, you agee?


    Want to bust out laughing?
    I myself have quetioned the scent controlers.My father in law sits on his front porch chain smoking and can have 15 deer come in the field right in his front yard.I took my grandaughter hunting with me and I was sitting ther feeding her cookies and snacks trying to keep her quite and had a deer come right up to the back of our blind,so maybe scent control is over rated.
    In theory
    I don't think the products themselve are not working, but it's kinda like getting dirty, washing your hands, then putting them back into the dirt.

    The scent blcker would probably worl great if you soak yourself with it before stepping into a sealed and sanitized lab.

    Problem is everything we make contact with after using it.
    I really kinda agree with D. I am of the opinion that it really depends on where you are hunting. IMO - deer in a more secluded area probably are more sensitive to foreign smells but that doesn't always seem to send them running away cuz sometimes they come on in to investigate. (Like Buck Bombs Vanilla scent) Deer closer to neighborhoods or even in city limits probably get use to smelling people, garbage and everything else. I hunt near some horse trails so I step in horse poop before heading to that stand.
    Overall I think alot (not all) of this stuff is just marketed to hunters through hunting tv shows and whatnot and may give you a very slight edge. I'm not sold on any of it really.
    I use a cover scent (fox/coon pee or horse poop) and try to hunt with the wind in my favor.
    Just my .02
    Adapt is the word on my my mind
    adaptverb 1:to make suitable or fit (as for a new use or for a different situation) 2:to adjust to environmental conditions* Synonyms: adjust, accommodate, conform.

    We all know the animals, especially deer, Have to adapt to changing places, in order to survive. We all have witnessed these things and are still amazed by the things deer will do under different conditions. One thing is for sure we as environmentalist are concerned that this animal and others are in danger of being put into extinction by the ever changing world we live in. And in some cases I am sure this is a great concern. I read a report by the president of a bowhunting association yesterday that made me wonder if there really is anything we could or should do for these animals, that god did or did not did not give them the ability to do for themselves. That being said, I applaud the concerned souls of people who for whatever reason try to govern and preserve these species.

    Back to the subject! Deer are one of the most elusive and adaptable animals on gods green earth. That is why I think they are the most enjoyable animals to hunt. Take note of the situations where a fellow who smokes and never has a tag left at the end of the season. Or a place that has a high population of coyotes, still has a large herd of quality deer. Or as in canada, the most extreme climate deer live in. Has the best quality and hardy animals. Or south Texas extreme droughts, but deer flourish. These are a few examples of the life of a deer.
    Still, we do all we can to eliminate human odor, and deer seem to show up downwind and give you the blow and wave at you with a flag! LOL There is a point where you question everything you do, in order to improve your chances of glimpsing one of these marvelous creatures.
    I believe that if you hunt the same spots year in and year out. You gain knowledge all the time that will improve your odds. But, keep in mind these animals also are learning and will continue to throughout their lives. That is how they get to be trophies. They make a mistake it is the end of life. You make a mistake you have to change up and try, try again! Good Luck! If it was easy it wouldn't be any fun! And anybody could fill a tag. And then we really would have to worry these animals wouldn't be here for future generations! I personally worry more about our second amendment! Than say a farmer killing a deer for deprivation of his crop. I think farmers are smart enough to realize their own rights and care for them as we do our 2nd amendment. Sometimes politics get in the way of nature, and we will always agree to disagree!
    I Guess I'm Lucky
    All the deer I've gotten must be idiots. I have never used scent controllers or been really anal about wind direction and all that stuff. In fact the last 2 deer I have harvested came to me and I was sitting there with brach's cinnamon candies in my mouth blowing steam from the cold temps at the time! And I hunt out in the country so to speak. Go figure!
    Might have to try eating some. Maybe it will help! They may be smelling my breath! LOL
    i believe in them
    i have traveled the world bowhunting and believe whole heartedly in them. there are too many factors at hand to say they dont work etc.. first off the range of the deer from you and your scent, obviously wind direction, how high you are in the tree, atmoshpere and humidity and rising or falling scent which occurs at different times of day. time of year...RUT... there are too many factors to put into play to say they dont work or are not needed my program is wash clothes, shower, put on clothes and spray down(before leaving) arrive and spray down, spray equipment, get to stand and spray down again and do the best i can to use the wind and get 20 feet off the ground. it works. ive used the so called scent free bug spray etc and seen it spook deer time and time again. and ive also seen the random dumb love struck deer not care about scent as well as the deer across a field but to them the scent is no danger due to the range you are away. i have been very successful with scent control products and only successful rifle hunting not bowhunting when not using them ive never killed a deer or other big game animal without using them when bowhunting. another thing to look at is the different kinds of scent killers etc each one has a different make-up that kills and destroys odors a different way and of different kinds..
    What I mean is....
    I believe the scent blocker/ treaters work.

    Not saying the products are a hoax, but saying the way we use them probably makes it a moot point.

    You say you spray down several times before getting to the stand, while climbing and after reaching the top.

    Sounds like you have it covered.
    Broch's Attractants.
    Scoutfish I was out of town all weekend hunting but I could check into the site on my smart phone, I just haven't figured out how to post or comment from it.

    I about fell out of the tree when I was reading your! I guess nothing would cover all those smells. I think Catfish333 is onto a new deer attractant. Catfish you need to contact Broch's and set up a patent.

    I agree with Versatile dogs 100%. I shower in scent wash, wash my clothes in it, dry them with earth scent and then keep them in a sealed container until I go to the woods and straight to the woods. Then I spray down before leaving the truck. This is a regament during bow season. I also wear a Scent Lok suit.

    I don't go to as much trouble during gun season if I'm hunting a large open area. but if I'm deep in the woods I follow my bow season prep.

    Great post. Keep them coming!