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  • Rutting? and Roanoke River Uplands Bottomlands

    Any bucks chasing does lately in eastern NC?

    Got a chance to hunt some land on the Roanoke River with no real knowledge of the area. In general, there's pine on the uplands, dropping into valleys of hardwoods heading down to the Roanoke River. The fields away from the river were in cotton, and now all stubble. Down the road is soybeans, but I'm not able to hunt there.

    Of course there are oaks and beech trees in the hardwoods.

    Think deer prefer acorns over soybeans? I suspect it also gives them cover as opposed to venturing out in the open.

    Would you pick a field edge (cotton stubble) or find the thickest spot you can in the bottoms?
    Good luck with your hunt. Deer eat all kinds of brouse but yes they would choose acorns over beans. As far as field edge or think this time of the year and rut phase, I would choose the thickest bottom I could find.

    A couple of weeks ago I put a 2nd year college student from my church, on my property to hunt. He wanted to hunt the field edge on my tri-pod but I told him to follow a trail to a spot in the woods and get on the big pine tree there. He asked if you could see far.....I told him no, only about 40 yards, just go there if you want to shoot a deer. A couple hours later he text me and said, 'dang you were right, I just shot one'!

    Good luck again!

    P.S. find a south facing slope!!
    why south?
    Thanks for the advice, Viper.

    Given the prevailing wind direction today, I might not get to a south-facing slope. If I do, my scent will be blown towards the 'thick' stuff.

    Why south? Sun on it later in the day? Warmth (for the deer)?
    You got Hawk....deer love to lay on a south facing slope to soak up the sun in the cooler months.

    Keep in mind that in hilly terrain the air settles to the low spots in the afternoon and rise in the mornings. Sometimes with low wind conditions regardless of wind should keep this in mind!

    Looking forward to your post when you get one! Good luck!
    south slope
    A south facing slope probably doesn't matter that much when temps are in the 70's. lol Sure hasn't felt like December - monday afternoon I hunted in a t-shirt. lol
    Hawk - are you seeing acorns? In my area I'm not seeing many anymore.
    Good luck!