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  • 'Majestic' buck

    As I was checking my deer camera pictures, my wife was watching TV beside me. When I came across this picture of this buck I mumbled to myself, 'Man, that thing is..........majestic!'. My wife said, 'That may be the corniest thing I have ever heard someone say. Especially about a stupid deer!' After her making fun of me repeatedly, the name for the big buck stuck. Around my house,and to my friends, this deer became known as 'Majestic'.
    This buck was actually showing up on two other cameras on our small club in Horry County. I was having a hard time sleeping knowing that he was moving around that often. After hunting him for a couple months with no success, I was looking forward to getting 2days off to hunt him over Thanksgiving.
    On the evening of the 23rd I got in to the stand knowing it would be my last chance at him for at least another week. There was a farmer running a cotton picker in a nearby field. I was worried that the loud noise would keep the deer in the woods and out of the old food plot I was hunting over. With about ten minutes left of shooting time, I saw a deer step out of the woods into the back of the clearing. I quickly raised my Remington 7mm-08 and looked through the scope. As soon as I saw his spread, I knew it was 'Majestic'. I put it on his shoulder and took the shot. He never took a step and I couldn't have been more excited. He ended up having a 21 inch spread and weighed 188lbs. After looking at his jawbone the taxidermist said he was at least 6 1/2 yrs old.