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  • Harvest Report

    Have you ever gone back to read the harvest report from the year before? Very interesting with lots of numbers to crunch.

    I researched a few things and here's a break down from last year.

    N.C. Whitetail Deer Population: 1.25 million
    Total Harvest: 173,553 (14% of the population)
    Road kills not included in report.
    Roughly 60% of the population are Doe that will bare an average of 2 fawn every spring.

    Harvest by weapon
    Bow: 11,971
    crossbow: 3,885
    ML: 19,635
    Gun: 138,062

    Kills by Hunting Style

    Still Hunting: 146,231
    Dog Hunting 27,322

    Interesting point is that buck to doe kill ratio remains constant with each style of hunting. So the argument that dog hunters only kill bucks is false and the numbers show it.

    Another interesting thing is that Muzzleloader hunters harvest more deer than bow and crossbow hunters combined, and they have the shortest season. (taking in mind that some bow hunters and muzzelloader hunters continue to hunt throughout the gun season).

    There are more deer in North Carolina now than when the Settlers first landed here. Even though there are more hunters now, the urban areas create refuge and food sources for deer that won't be hunted. Our deer population, even with areas of large die off, is still strong and growing.

    So fill those tags and buy a few bonus tags, the herd needs it.
    I Got A ?
    Does anyone know or heard anyone speculate on the probability of the EHD coming back next year in the same areas affected this year with the same effects or to a lesser degree? I know where I grew up there was a persistent stench in the mid to late summer around ponds where I fish and the times I have been home lately the deer sign and deer actually seen by myself has diminished.
    There In Lies The Problem!
    There in lies the problem as GT said. Over populated areas not being hunted the way they should be and in his defense, some areas being over hunted.

    The mass die off's are the direct result of over population due to lack of hunting and possibly because the areas where this occurs are hard to hunt areas (IMO). I.e. mountainous terrain or dense swamp.

    At the current birth rate there will be even more deer next year than there are this year, even with some areas suffering loss this year. Thus the reason the NCWRC started Urban archery season, which due to high regulations and low participation from cities has not been successful thus far. Additionally the NCWRC started issuing Bonus Tags 3 years ago to help head off the over population problem.

    The facts are that not enough deer are being harvested to maintain a healthy herd which will spawn mass die offs in more areas if the harvest numbers don't increase.

    Again as GT's research noted, areas that have had mass die offs should be not hunted to let the herds return to healthy numbers and those areas should learn the lesson from loss.

    I personally like to spread the conservation. I have harvested 4 deer in Sampson county in 3 different areas, I have harvested 4 deer in Duplin county in 2 different areas and 1 in Anson county. I have not hunted Wilkes county as I have in the past few years. Family was telling me of the die off.

    I'm not being negative against trophy hunters but I did not join a club this year due to the fact that they refused to shoot doe during October and November (and honestly, money). However two of their members hunted in Kentucky this year and got schooled by their guides on deer management. Their policies have changed for next year.

    If your herds are good now....they will be double next year and the more doe you have running around the less bucks you will see.

    Buy your bonus tags.....just don't take all your deer from one 17 acre tract.
    Viper that's about the most full of crap thing I've heard. how can you base any facts for a entire state when its divided into different regions that have different limits its best to break down by county an if you do that you will see a different result. Yes people need to kill more does but look at the new hunters an see that most kill bucks first an in most counties you will see that a majority of them kill the bucks most most don't come close to filling doe tags an that's just not me say it its there in black an white in your handbook if the ncwrc really wanted to improve the heard they would make the whole state a two buck to 4 does limit an come up with a way to encourage people to take the does before a second buck. until they do this all the ncwrc is doing is promoting the wiping out of the whole heard!

    Jeff Icenhour
    North Carolina Bowhunter Association member
    Calm Down
    Everything you just pointed out (IMO) is not because they want every deer gone in the state it's because they want deer in the future.

    Otherwise we will have 'Wilkes Counties' all over the state! Urban Sprawl is creating more deer due to no hunting and better food sorces in back yards than the wild woods and that's a fact. Duke Forest a learning forest in Chatham county has 80 deer per square mile. They even brought in a couple of hunting clubs to clear the herd out and didn't even put a dent in them!
    urban areas
    Urban area are covered in deer an you can't gun hunter that's why the bowhunters association is pushing the urban archery season in that county an as far as controlling population it only takes one buck to breed a doe so why in the world would u have a four buck limit in an area that is needing does gone. anyone with a brain could figure out that if you remove the factory you stop the production of the product. That's how these areas got this way the old timers didn't shoot does cause they wanted more deer.
    Does and 2 bucks
    @ Bearice.....I 100% agree with you that it needs to be 2 bucks but 4 does isn't enough to get a balance. There are too many trophy hunters out there and not enough meat hunters.

    Yes every region varies as I stated that areas with large die off need to be backed off!

    Bottom line even with GT's estimate of only 500,000 deer being left at the end of this season. When those 60% of does have on adverage 2 the math. The herd will still be stronge.
    Lol wilkes has plenty of hunters that shoot anything ehd is more due to whether conditions that produce the knat that bites the deer an infects them it just more obvious in overpopulated deer heards an is not something you will stop by thinning the heard
    People often confuse ehd with CWD. CWD is spread by saliva an is the reason to spread feed out inside of piling it up. ehd is spread by a biting fly/knat
    GT when i said factory i meant the does buck are basically the workers an i only takes one work to keep producing lol
    Hey guys I just made this post based on the numbers the state provides. You go back over the years and you'll see that the harvest go up and down but the herd gets bigger every year. Just the facts!

    There will always be those that harvest a couple of deer and some who harvest more.

    (IMO) EHD, etc. is Natures way of doing what man doesn't.

    Let me also say, I live in the southeast where they have a 4 buck limit......why.....because we are choked with deer down here. Also the reason we only have a 3 week bow season and by the time you guys hang your bows up we've been gunning for a month (which I hate)! I would rather see the whole state go to a 2 month bow season. Look at the harvest numbers for bows!
    This is why this site loses people or why people don't comment.The moderators can't even be civil.Hunting must really suck for you guys.
    Thank you Hersh!
    Hersh you hit the nail on the head. I was just posting numbers, based on published fact by the NCWRC and...........WOW!
    A bit overblown
    Across the Southeast, EHD outbreaks occur about every four or five years, like clockwork, and it's not drought conditions that bring it on; just the opposite. It is much more likely to develop in hot, wet summers, which help reproduction of the tiny midges that spread the disease.

    These horrible outbreaks like this fall's in the northwestern corner of the state are generally limited to more local areas -- not statewide. Typically, an ehd outbreak that's widespread across North Carolina will take about 15 percent of the herd. This outbreak, a particular virulent strain of the disease, has been estimated to take 50-70 percent of the deer in the locally affected areas. It's the worst outbreak in 20 years and is not likely to happen again for another 20.

    Generally, deer who are not affected in the exposed areas develop a resistance to the disease that is passed on to their next set of fawns, so you generally don't get an ehd outbreak in an area more than every 4-5 years, even if the disease is present, because the deer are basically innoculated against it.

    There's no reason to suspect that deer in other parts of North Carolina are likely to experience a similar outbreak anytime in the future, so there's no need to discuss full-scale management changes. The NC herd has survived ehd outbreaks before, and the NW herd should rebound in 4-5 years of normal reproduction.

    Back in the dark ages, before does were legal, it was estimated that a herd could double its size in 3 years, because only 10-12 percent of the herd would be taken by legal hunting and 15 percent would die of natural mortality. If hunters voluntarily pass up does in NWNC this year, that will speed the recovery a bit, just like closing down the fishery on speckled trout two years ago after the massive cold-stun kills has helped that fishery recover, apparently ahead of schedule.

    In order to thin out a herd that's overpopulating an area, you need to take out better than 30 percent of the herd annually. So a 50-50 buck/doe harvest of 30 percent of the herd will stabilize the herd's size, and a larger harvest tilted toward does will reduce the size of the herd. If you're in an area with herd density of 25 deer per square mile, you need to take a dozen out a year per square mile.
    Hunting Never Sucks For Me
    Whether I bag what I'm after or not, just being able to go out and see the nature that God created is plenty for me. There is alot people who no longer have that luxury so I count myself fortunate.
    Bud said wilkes was hit really hard.
    My friend has a friend with 1200 acres in Wilkes, and said they hauled three flatbed trailers full of deer out of his property. Don't know if he was telling the truth! I even heard Forsyth had some reports of it. I haven't heard of it here in Stokes, but if Surry, Caldwell, Wilkes, and Forsyth have it. Then don't see how we could miss it here. After the season is over, I will walk my properties over looking for skeletons. I haven't had as many trail cam photos since early Oct. It may have gotten a lot of my herds. And don't even know it! I just figured my buck groups had split up!
    Boy, you know when Dan comments about it. Then it is a real issue. I grew up in Forsyth and every Sunday couldn't wait to read his articles in the WS Journal. Dan, thanks for the good reading! I am a big fan! Would love to show you how to crappie fish in Feb! LOL Or take you quail hunting!
    Yea I Look At County by County and compare gameland Harvest From Years Past. Anyone Who Has Heard Of Duke Forest In Durham n.c Knows There's 80 Deer Per SQ Mile (650 acres) My Brother Owns A Nice House And Just 12 Acres Of Land Which Boarders Duke Forest. He's Got over 60 Deer On His Open Field Land. The Problem is There's Houses All Around So There's nowhere on The Land That I Can Be 150 yards Away From A House. My Brother Doesnt Mind Me Hunting There But His Live In Girl friend Doesnt Like Hunting So Ive Got To Wait Until They Go Out Of Town Before I Hunt There With Crossbow. They Will Be Gone Aweek coming up Soon, so then i can go out there and hunt. I Counted 46 Does This am when i was putting out corn getting ready for some serious population Control. Im Going To Buy 14 Doe Tags, but hope to bag more then that before season is over. already got 5 deer on gameland. all the meat im going to donate to Hunters feeding the hungrey and a man thats Works at Dicks said he's not been able to go this year. Im Going to try and get 4 aday, but there's no garuntee!!
    Good Job
    Good job ChadB.....hope you get it set up because I know you will have a blast. Congrats on the gameland 5 so far. I have managed 9 now with 3 tags left.

    I think most bucks are hanging out deep in the thick creek bottoms and swamps now.....time to go deep as I always say.

    Good luck!