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    Okay, I do not mean for this to sound like, look like or be spam>

    If this si against spamming rules, I hope the moderators delete it immediately.

    Anyways...anybody here familiar with a website called Camofire?

    It's a website that just finds great ( depending on how you look at it) deals for hunters>

    They wil post an item that is from 40 % to 70% off on the site and will keep that item ther until 11pm or until it's sold out.

    Honestly, most things that are on sale on the site for 40% to 70% off , are only a few dollars more than they are normally priced at my local outfitter shop
    That's not even counting S&H costs.

    But I have seen a few great deals on a shirt or knife that , even with S&H, I'd come out $10 to $15 to the good.

    Then there is the rediculous: A pair of binoculars for $600. that normally sells for $1200 .
    Umm, sorry, somebody else might want to buy those!

    Rainproof hunting coats, bib overalls, under garments, copld gear,etc..... all different kinds of hunting products, many different brands.

    Okay, every now and then they will have a 'zombie apocolypse' knife or coat......but if that's your thing,,,,you will fight zombies even cheaper.

    Again, not sure you would consider this spam, and if so, I apologize.
    NOT spam st all...In Fact I have bought from Camofire before and my Turkey vest is a Primos Gobblers Vest in Mossy Oak Obsession and it's the only 1 I have ever seen in this pattern because the following year the Primos Guys were using realtree (Dang traders lol) but I also got a complete Sitka outfit although it took me a while to get it all over a few months because you never know what they will list...I have bought a Dozen arrows that were $159 for $44 also...They some great deals on these but you do have to check it everyday or the first day you miss will be something you wanted lol
    Now that you mention it......
    I not only check it daily, but several times>

    I was lookin a new hunting shirt and check the site every day.

    Kinives, but no shirt.
    Boots, but no shirts.
    Pants, but no shirts.

    Hats, binoculars, turkey call box, etc......
    but no shirts.

    So I go out to the local outfitter and buy a shirt.
    Nothing special about it, just a long sleeve pullover shirt. Didn't want buttun up, scent lock, zipper or under armour spandex, etc...

    Just plain shirt.


    camofire had the exact shirt( brand, print, cut - everything exact)

    for about $7.00 cheaper including the shipping and handling! :O
    LOL Yep!!! I have seen this also lol...They do have Great deals!!! I have also sent them Emails on Past products that I missed out on and if they still had any they would give ya the same deal but If you really want it and it's your size..You better pull the trigger fast or you will miss out lol