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  • Everything You Need to Know About Ethanol Gasoline

    Hello readers of North Carolina Sportsman!

    If you are not familiar with my website, I encourage you to read it. It is

    The website is dedicated to ethanol gasoline issues. I am a retired Chemist and avid fisherman. I worked in the Oil and Petrochemical industry for over 32 years before retiring. I began researching ethanol gas when it first appeared in Louisiana. That led me to eventually partner with Louisiana Sportsman in this endeavor.

    I began my work with Louisiana Sportsman in 2009, but after sometime working with the great staff of the Louisiana company, my website on Sportsman outgrew the available time for their webmaster to do his work and keep up with my growing site. Therefore, it was mutually agreed to that it was in my and Sportsman's best interest for me to break away and form my own website. I launched the initial website in early 2011. We totally re-designed the website and re-launched the new and improved version on October 1, 2012. It contains over 1,500 ethanol FREE gas locations in Louisiana's 64 Parishes and Mississippi's 82 Counties.

    If you have not yet read the website, please check it out. It will provide you with information on ethanol gasoline you may not have seen anywhere before. I'd also appreciate your feedback. Check my 'Bio' to see my background.

    'Pete' Landry
    What Do You Think About Website?
    Hi North Carolina Sportsman readers. I see over 170 readers of North Carolina Sportsman have read my website's post to date. I'd really appreciate some feedback on what you think about website.

    I'm open to any suggestions and recommendations on how we can improve the site. We have strived in the re-design of the website to try to address all the issues we thought fishermen, boaters and hunters might like to know about. We've even added two new pages: Ethanol Regulations and Retailer Q&A.

    If you have any suggestions on how we might further improve the website, or any feedback at all, please e-mail me at