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  • For Miss Gracie and Chad B...

    ...and anyone else that enjoys the unusual. Thought y'all would enjoy this - it's the first one I've ever seen.
    Huntman and I went deer hunting this morning - we didn't see much moving this morning but I did get to see this squirrel. I have never seen a 'black' squirrel like this. Is it a different breed? It's legs and face were black with a white muzzle.
    I thought this would have made a cool mount but all I had was my 30-06 so I didn't shoot cuz there wouldn't have been much left of him. If I had had my .22 or Huntman's 20ga he would not have had a good morning. lol
    I showed this to Gracie.She thought it was cool.I would love to get a squirrel like that and have it mounted.I have never seen one with that kind of coloring.Beautiful!!!
    WOW Justin..This is a rare Fox Squirrel!!! I have seen a few in South Carolina while Turkey Hunting...They have been Called bandit faced Squirrels as well as Raccoon Squirrels but wow what a trophy that would be!!!! Fox squirrels vary in coloration and growing up in West Va I shot a many Nice Red Squirrels and always Called them Fox Squirrels until I killed a REAL Fox squirrel 1 day lol They are HUGE!!! Around 3lbs!!! I would definitely get back in there and give him a try but anyway... That was a Treat in it's self!!!!
    Tole her so!!!!!!!
    My know-it-all Girlfriend said I was crazy when I told her I seen a few of these in SC and said Is it Photo-shopped??? So I goggled it and here's the same kind...Absolutely Beautiful Tree-Rat lol
    Ole Smoke
    We have quite a few black ones around here.
    I have seen fox squirrels in other states and heard there were some in the low grounds of Johnston County. I live outside of town in JoCo and have been seeing more and more of the fox squirrel around here. They are a pretty critter. My buddy shot one in TN years ago and had it mounted since it was something he never saw here at home. Now they are more prevalent but still more rare than the greys. I'm glad you got to watch some so close. It is a treat, indeed.
    I wondered if he was a different breed because he was bigger than the rest of the squirrels that were chasing him around.
    I'm really liking this block of woods - this is the same area I saw a black coyote in last year and the same area where Huntman & I have seen 8 longbeards running around together. The bucks we saw in this area have not been very cooperative though. lol
    fox squirrel
    No doubt it is a fox squirrel. I have seen a couple that exact color. They have numerous color phases. Gray squirrels and fox squirrels don't get along all that well. Fox squirrels tend to stick close to the pines vs. the grays tend to hang in the oaks. however they will both visit the same areas quite often. I hunt near the low grounds in Johnston County. I have seen them in other parts of our county as well. Thankfully they are making a come back. They are
    beautiful. Good Luck!!