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  • First Buck at Age 39

    Unlike most hunters I know, I didnít grow up hunting even though my father did occasionally hunt. In fact, I was 36 years old the first time I went hunting. Itís taken a few seasons and lots of work, but I finally got my first buck yesterday at age 39. He may not be huge (7-pointer), but heís certainly a trophy to me. What makes it even more special was the fact my dad was hunting with me (another location on my uncleís property); we re-connected earlier this year after ~20 years of no contact. Regardless of how the rest of the season goes, itís been a great one for me already. Just wanted to share. Good luck to everyone!
    not bad
    congrats on the nice deer
    Same story - different hunt
    THat's awesome. Congrats on the deer, but bigger congrats with your dad>

    I didn't get to the point of no contact with my dad, but what we had was basic minimal contact.

    We ended up becoming buddies and great friends through fishing. The best years of my life were spent with my dad on a boat or at a pier. Right up til the day he died.

    I'm new to hunting myself at 41 years old, but it's something both my son and I became interested in since we moved to 'The country' 4 months ago.

    'The country' is actually only 35 miles further inland from where we used to live, but could be the middle of Africa if you compare it to living on the intracoastal waterway like we did.

    Congrats on the deer, hope to get my first one soon.
    WOW!! Great stories Guys...Congrats to Both of you and my story has a reverse affect lol...My Dad was a Hunter but took his own life when I was 10 and it was around the time I was 12 That my grand-pa let me tag along hunting with him...I have always wondered what it would have been like to hunt with my dad...I remember all those years ago that he would bring deer home and it made me feel sad...Look at me now lol...That's Great Guys...The outdoors is our Playground!!!!
    I still have bucks on my wall, big and small from years ago. I don't think I'll ever part with any of them because with each of those racks, there is a memory and every time I happen to notice they're there after forgetting about them for a while, it brings back that memory of that great day in the field. Congrats on a good trophy.
    AMEN FairChase!!! I'm not good at remembering birthdays etc but I can look at my Wall of shame and My wall of self proclaimed Fame and relive each hunt like it was yesterday...Each Rack I look at I can go right back lol...Kinda strange but true!!!!